Tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios appeared to scream an obscenity during US Open and then called it 'hearsay' when confronted by umpire

By Nick Kyrgios standards, his latest meltdown at the US Open on Wednesday was tame. But this is Nick Kyrgios, which meant it was still entertaining.

Kyrgios was tied with fellow Australian John Millman at a set apiece when Kyrgios had an unforced error giving Millman a 3-2 lead in the third set.

As Kyrgios was walking off the court, he looked at his hand and appeared to drop a loud F-bomb that could clearly be heard on the ESPN broadcast.

A linesman reported the “swear” to the chair umpire who then gave Kyrgios a code violation. A first code violation is essentially a warning, with a subsequent violation resulting in the loss of a point.

Kyrgios argued that he did not say anything, arguing that what the linesman heard was “irrelevant” and “hearsay.”

“If I didn’t say it, then it it’s irrelevant what [the linesman] said,” Kyrgios said to the umpire. “I didn’t swear… I didn’t say anything. You can’t give me a code [violation] for something I didn’t say. That’s hearsay.”

Kyrgios eventually relented, calling it “ridiculous.”

Here is the entire exchange.

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