Tennis’ new bad boy caught on camera telling his opponent that his girlfriend cheated on him with another player

Nick kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios, the 20-year-old Australian who burst onto the scene when he upset Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon two years ago, has developed a reputation as being something of a bad boy on the professional tennis circuit. 

He throws his racket, rocks a multi-coloured faux-hawk, and seems to have a knack for making headlines. During this year’s Wimbledon, he blatantly stopped during his opponent’s service game, dinking the ball into the net right off the serve or not even attempting to return the ball at all. He was then criticised by Aussie tennis legend Dawn Fraser, and in response Kyrgios called Fraser “blatantly racist.” 

Last night during the second set of the the Montreal Masters, the court microphones caught Kyrgios talking some serious smack to his opponent, No. 5 ranked Stan Wawrinka, saying “Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend… sorry to tell you that, mate.”

In case you aren’t up to date on your pro tennis couples, Kyrgios is referring to Thanasi Kokkinakis, a 19-year-old Aussie tennis player and a close friend of Kyrgios. Wawrinka, who is 30 and recently divorced, is rumoured to be dating 19-year-old Croatian tennis player Donna Vekic. That’s some below-the-belt trash, Nick! 

Wawrinka ended up retiring in the 3rd set, down 7-6, 3-6, 0-4. In the post-match interview, Kyrgios was put on the spot by the Fox Sports 1 commentator and asked about his words from the second set.

“He was getting pretty lippy at me,” Kyrgios said. “I just said it.”

Evidently not pleased with the whole situation, Wawrinka quickly took to Twitter and fired back at Kyrgios.

Here’s full video of Kyrgios’ post-match interview:


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