Nationalist Politician In Britain Strangely Happy To Have Been Declared Bankrupt

Nick Griffin is the leader of the British National Party (BNP), a far right U.K. political party that evolved out of the neo-fascist National Front. Today, on Twitter, he announced that he was bankrupt — but, he added, it would not effect his work as a member of the European Parliament, and he was happy about it:

According to a statement on the BNP’s website, the bankruptcy came after £120,000 in outstanding moneys to the law firm Gilbert Davies & Partners of Severn Street, Welshpool who had previously represented Griffin. The BNP statement notes that Griffin has “no significant assets.”

If you’ve noticed a lot of schadenfreude amongst British journalists on Twitter, it might help to understand a little bit of Griffin’s backstory. While the BNP strives to present a less radical far right view that the National Front (think of them as a less consequential version of Marine Le Pen’s National Front), Griffin has been accused of a variety of prejudiced views, including racism and holocaust denial.

As such, Griffin has had to endure a lot on Twitter today:

Still, Griffin is unrepentant:

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