Nick Diaz Vacates Strikeforce Title

UFC president Dana White announced on Thursday that Nick Diaz has vacated his Strikeforcewelterweight championship. White said that Diaz’s new contract makes him a UFC fighter. In other words, the demise of Strikeforce is now officially underway.

When Zuffa LLC, the parent company of the UFC bought Strikeforce in March, MMA fans worried that Strikeforce would wind up like Pride FC after they were bought. Dana White immediately assured the fans that it would be “business as usual.” Unfortunately White left out the end of the sentence, “for the next 30 days.”

White told the media on Thursday that Nick Diaz is now a full time UFC fighter and has vacated the title. This conflicts earlier reports about Diaz’s new contract. Previous stories reported that Diaz signed a hybrid UFC/Strikeforce contract that would allow him to compete in both companies.

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