Niall Ferguson Is Leaving His Wife For A Young Hot Feminist And Political War Refugee

For the past few months, financial historian Niall Ferguson has been seen with his mistress “at a number of high-profile events,” and now he is flat-out divorcing the mother of his three children, according to The Daily Mail, to be with her full-time.

The woman is Ayaan Hirsi Ali (pictured), who sounds pretty remarkable.

She’s a feminist film-maker who has been the subject of threats from Muslim extremists since writing a movie script that was critical of Islam, Submission.

The movie’s director, Theo Van Gogh, was shot dead in an Amsterdam street in 2004. According to The Daily Mail, a death threat against Hirsi Ali was found pinned to his chest.

She’s now living in New York under constant police protection.

Before, she had been living in seclusion and under police protection in the Netherlands. She fled from Africa to Amsterdam in 1992 where she obtained political asylum.

But his future ex-wife, Sue Douglas, was quite the catch herself: she’s been the executive editor of both London’s the Daily Mail and the Sunday Times, she was a president at Conde Nast, and she’s apparently on the A-list of aspiring Parliamentary candidates.

According to a friend, it all went downhill when Ferguson came to America three years ago. Just two years later, he met Hirsi Ali at Time’s 100 Most Influential People In The World party last May.

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