The NHL Is Three Days Away From Locking Out Its Players

gary bettman nhl

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The NHL and the NHL Player’s Association resumed negotiations on Wednesday in New York after talks broke down two weeks ago, but a deal is still far off.The league’s current collective bargaining agreement expires on Saturday and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman plans to lock out the players if a deal is not reached by that time.

The biggest sticking point in the latest negotiations is how to split the record $3.3 billion the NHL made last year and additional revenues in the coming years.

The players are currently receiving 57 per cent of the NHL’s hockey-related revenue.

The league’s hockey-related revenue excludes several of the NHL’s income sources, including money earned by operating other teams or money made through financial transactions.  The league also wants to remove even more income sources from that pool in the latest collective bargaining agreement. In total, the players share of the pie could be reduced to between 43 and 46 per cent.

Despite feuding over the revenue share with the players,  more than half of the league’s teams spent beyond the salary cap limitations which were set in the previous CBA, according to Jim Litke.

The players are willing to take a salary cut, but only if there is more revenue sharing between teams to help distribute the wealth to some of the poorer teams.

And if a compromise can’t be made by Saturday, next year’s season will continue to be shrouded in doubt.

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