NHL Scores A Big Win With Its Altered SuperSkills Competition

NHL Boston BruinsZdeno Chara

Photo: AP

Team Staal took down Team Lidstrom 33-22 in last night’s SuperSkills Competition, but the real story was the revival of All-Star Weekend, which desperately needed a jolt of energy.The inclusion of rookies in last night’s event was a genius idea.  It gave some extra exposure to the league’s up and coming stars and provided the event with a unique subplot. 

Of course, Zdeno Chara’s record-breaking 105.9 mph rocket of a slap shot was the highlight, but P.K. Subban’s use of Jeff Skinner’s jersey and Matt Duchene’s candid open mic also entertained fans.

The one aspect that needs to be changed is the Relay Challenge.  The event, while a strong concept, dragged on and lacked the pizazz of the others.

But other than that, the NHL accomplished its goals by refreshing the weekend and drawing interest from casual sports fans.

Don’t forget, the actual All-Star Game is today at 4:00 p.m.

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