NFLPA Says CBS Refused To Air Its "Let Us Play" Ad After Originally Agreeing To Run It*


UPDATE: Atallah tweets that as far as he knows, the NFL did not pressure CBS to pull the ad: “On the #letusplay ad, I can tell you directly that to my knowledge NFL did not tell CBSC to reject it. Want to be fair and accurate.”

EARLIER: Remember the “Let Us Play” ad released by the NFLPA last week?

CBS, which happens to pay the NFL $4 billion a year for TV rights, was scheduled to air the ad during the NFLPA All-Star Game on February 5th on its College Sports Network.  But, for some reason, the network has decided against running the TV spot.

George Atallah, the NFLPA’s assistant executive director of external affairs, said the move “”is clearly indicative of the relationships the networks have with the league.”

Calls to CBS by the NFLPA were not returned.

See the ad >

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