NFLPA Releases "Let It Air" Ad Asking CBS To Show The "Let Us Play" TV Spot

Earlier this week CBS decided against airing the NFLPA’s “Let Us Play” ad during this weekend’s NFLPA All-Star Game. 

That decision didn’t sit well with the NFLPA.  As George Atallah, assistant executive director of external affairs for the NFLPA, explains, the NFLPA had purchased ad time from CBS without any restrictions on content.  CBS pulled the ad because it didn’t want to get in the middle of labour negotiations between the owners and players, but since the NFL didn’t have a problem with the content of the ad, the NFLPA doesn’t understand the problem.

So, the NFLPA quickly created this “Let It Air” video, asking CBS to put the “Let Us Play” ad back into its original slot this weekend.

Check it out:

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