NFLPA Launches "Let Us Play" Campaign That Places Blame On The NFL*

UPDATE: Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips echoed the sentiments of the commercial today on Twitter: “I can’t believe the NFL would wanna lock out. We all love and wanna play this game so bad. Just let us play.”  Right now the players are trying very hard to make it look like they’re being persecuted by the NFL.

EARLIER: The PR war between NFL owners and players began in earnest yesterday when Commissioner Roger Goodell revealed that he’d take a $1 salary if there was a lockout.  Not to be outdone, NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said he’d cut his pay to 68 cents if there was a labour deal by the Super Bowl.

Obviously that’s not going to happen, and the NFLPA launched it’s next attack on the NFL today with this “Let Us Play” video.  The commercial first appeared on the NFLPA Web site today and will air during the NFLPA college All-Star Game on February 5th

For some reason, the YouTube video is called the “NFLPA Super Bowl Ad,” but it’s not actually airing during the game.

Check it out:

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