NFL Will Keep The Pro Bowl Proving That Even Bad Football Is Better Than No Football

prow bowl

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Despite thoughts of canning the NFL Pro Bowl following this year’s debacle, the NFL today announced that the game will return to Hawaii in 2013 in the week before the Super Bowl.In a statement released by the league, it sounds like the NFL was pressured to keep the game by the players’ association. “The players have made it clear through the NFL Players Association that they would like the opportunity to continue to play the Pro Bowl in Hawaii,” said NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Ray Anderson.

Earlier this year, commissioner Roger Goodell said the league was considering eliminating the game after the most recent Pro Bowl was criticised for a complete lack of competitiveness.

It is unclear what changes will come to the game, but the league said they will work with the NFLPA to improve the competitiveness on the field.

In the end, the players want the game, but the league may also have a hard time giving up the TV revenue. Despite the lack of effort by the players, the Pro Bowl still drew 12.5 million viewers proving that sports fans will watch any football, even bad football.