NFL Will Fine Favre But Won't Suspend Him For Crotch Shot Incident*

Brett Favre

Photo: AP

Update: Favre’s fine is believed to be $50,000. He reportedly admitted to the voicemails, but denied sending the nude photographs. The NFL couldn’t prove otherwise.Still, that’s a pretty weak punishment.

Earlier: The NFL is expected to fine Brett Favre either today or tomorrow, but won’t suspend him, according to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer.

That decision will come more than 80 days after Deadspin published the crotch shots and voicemails Favre left former Jets’ employee Jenn Sterger.

The League can afford to take it easy on Favre, now that Sterger’s deadline for filing a sexual harassment suit appears to have expired.

Still, if this report turns out to be true, the fine better be a hefty one. Too many people already believe the NFL is delaying a decision to protect Favre and compromising its integrity.

As soon as the league announces the cost of the fine, you can find it on the Sports Page

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