NFL WEEK 10: Here Are Our Official Predictions For Who Wins This Weekend

Let’s just do this.

All lines come from the Las Vegas Hilton, via Vegas Insider.

I’m 26-28-1 on the season. A good week this week and I’m over .500, which is my goal for the season.

Here we go…

Philadelphia is on the road against the Green Bay Packers, who are 1-point favourites.

This game opened at Green Bay -10. Then Aaron Rodgers got hurt and now the line has tanked all the way to Green Bay -1. Hopefully you grabbed the points when you could! I like the Eagles outright here. Chip Kelly and Nick Foles should be good enough to beat the Seneca Wallace-led Packers. The only risk is Foles getting hurt and the Eagles sending in Matt Barkley, who is the worst QB in the NFL.

The pick: Eagles +1

For non-gamblers, that means I like the Eagles to win.

Eli manning giants bears

David Banks/Getty Images
Oakland is on the road against the New York Giants, who are 7-point favourites.
The Raiders got lit up by the Eagles last week. They won’t get lit up again this week. The Giants are coming off a bye and should be ready to make a run at winning the woeful NFC East. But, I think the Raiders are a little better than people realise, and with 7 points, they should be able to cover.

The guitar pick: Raiders +7

For non-gamblers, that means I like the Raiders to either win, or lose by 7 or less. (Another way to think about it: Take the final score, add 7 points to the Raiders’ score. That should be greater than Giants’ score.)

Jacksonville jaguars fan

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images
Jacksonville is on the road against the Tennessee Titans, who are 12-point favourites.
The Jaguars are truly terrible. But 12 points is a lot! And at some point, the Jags have to do something … right? So, I’ll take the — gulp — Jags here.

The toothpick: Jags +12

For non-gamblers, that means I like the Jaguars to either win, or lose by 12 or less. (Another want to think about it: Take the final score, add 12 points to the Jags’ score.)

Tony romo

Elsa/Getty Images
Dallas is on the road against the New Orleans Saints, who are 6.5-point favourites.
I hate this game. The Cowboys are just a maddening team to try to figure out. Tony Romo (early in the season, anyway) has been great. He’s wildly underrated. With Dez Bryant, Romo can keep the Cowboys in just about any game. But, the Saints are really good at home. Drew Brees and Sean Payton aren’t going to lose two in a row.

The lock: Saints -6.5

For non-gamblers, that means I think the Saints win by 7 points or more.

Case keenum

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Houston is on the road against the Arizona Cardinals, who are 3-point favourites.
The Texans are in a weird place. Their coach had a mini-stroke at half time of their game against the Colts. That probably cost them a victory against the Colts. But, I think with a week for it settle in, the team will be better adjusted and ready for the Cardinals. Texans QB Case Keenum isn’t that bad. And the Cardinals are kinda stinky, so I think the Texans can get it done.

The lock ness monster: Texans +3

That means I like the Texans to win, or only lose by 3 or less.

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