The 10 Best Moments From The First Sunday Of NFL Football

jim harbaugh angry spittle gif

Photo: SB Nation

Things basically went according to plan in the NFL yesterday.The favourites won big, mostly in blowouts, and the lone shocker was the Jets transforming into an unstoppable juggernaut on offence.

But while the results were boring, the action was not.

We had celebration fails, bone-crunching hits, and one spitting-mad coach.

We picked our 10 favourite GIFs from yesterday and ranked them. 


1. Rob Gronkowski botches his signature mega-spike

Source: Gifulmination

2. Trent Richardson pops Kurt Coleman's helmet clear off

Source: The Big Lead

3. Jim Harbaugh goes into a spitting rage

Source: SB Nation

4. The Panthers decide not to block for Cam Newton

Source: @cjzero

5. John Skelton overthrows an under-hand pass to a very sad running back

Source: SB Nation

6. Matthew Perry gets gif-bombed on Sunday Night Football

7. Jay Cutler throws a perfect bomb to Alshon Jeffrey

Source: SB Nation

8. Brandon Weeden has a receiver wide open ... and he throws is clear out of bounds

9. David Akers doinks the longest kick in the NFL history off the crossbar

10. Vernon Davis tries to dunk, fails miserably

Source: @cjzero

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