NFL WEEK 4: Here Are Our Official Predictions For Who Wins This Weekend

Peyton manning broncos giants
Peyton! Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

According to our executive editor Joe Weisenthal, the Denver Broncos are on pace to go 16-0 after starting the season 3-0.

Our mathematics guru Walter Hickey, however, disagrees. He says, “I don’t want to put that on them because of the Pats.”

The Patriots, as you may recall, went 18-1 in 2007, losing to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl.

We might need to send Hickey back to maths school, because the Broncos are indeed on pace to go 16-0 after a 3-0 start. And Peyton Manning and the Broncos are shattering all offensive records.

Manning has thrown 12 touchdowns, and the offence is on pace to score 677 points this season. When the Pats went 16-0, they scored 589 points, notes the Denver Post.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, you’re making projections based on three games! To which I would respond, Yes! So what?

There is nothing as exciting in sports as witnessing a historically great performance. That’s why I still root for Tiger Woods. I want to see the greatest player in history shatter the record for major wins. That’s why I was rooting for the Pats to go 19-0. It would have been a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

That’s why I am rooting for Manning and the Broncos to go undefeated. It would be really exciting. I also think Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever and a perfect season would be right for him.

Now, do I think it’s going to happen? No. I’m sceptical of Manning in the cold weather. But still! It’d be neat to witness.

On to the picks!

Geno Smith

I am more Geno Smith than Peyton Manning when it comes to NFL picks. I went 0-5-1 last week! Youch. I
nailed last night’s pick on Twitter, making me 3-1 on Thursday night picks.

My overall record is 9-10-1. A strong week this week, and I’m above .500. I’m told that “sharps,” or the pro betters in Vegas, usually get ~53% of their picks right. I’m a tech reporter, and I’m nearly there, so, not bad!

Disclaimers before we move on: I am not betting my money on these games, and would highly recommend against you betting on them — you’re just going to lose your money. I don’t really watch a lot of football, because there are only so many hours in a day, and I like golf better. I write this column because our sports writer was too much of a wimp to do it, and because it’s fun.

That said … I am feeling very confident this week, so let’s get to it.

All lines comes from Las Vegas Hilton, via Vegas Insider.

Jay cutler yeah

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Chicago is on the road against the Detroit Lions, who are 3 point favourites.

What if the Chicago Bears are good? What if they’re the team that goes 16-0? It’s unlikely, but not impossible.

They have a good defence, a good offence, and the new head coach seems to have figured out how to protect QB Jay Cutler. The Lions, meanwhile, were losing to the terrible football team from Washington D.C. in the third quarter, before ultimately coming back to win.

Personally, I’m just not a believer in the Lions, so in a division game, I say take the points and hope for the best.

The peek: Bears +3

(For non-gamblers like my boss Henry Blodget, that means I think the Bears either win, or lose by 3 or less.)

The New York Jets are on the road against the Tennessee Titans, who are 3 point favourites.

The line on this game started at Titans +6 and fell all the way to Titans +3. That’s telling me something. I’m just not sure what it is. That people started taking the Jets and the points? I see a discount here.

The Titans might be good, according to Grantland guru Bill Barnwell. The Jets defence is very good, and Geno Smith is serviceable, but do I think the Jets can be 3-1? No, I do not. I think they lose this one.

The toothpick: Titans, -3

(For non-gamblers like my boss Henry Blodget, that means I think the Titans win by 3 points or more.)

Pete Carroll

Fox Sports

Seattle is on the road against the Houston Texans, who are 2.5 point underdogs.

The Seahawks are the best team in the league after the Broncos. They’re killer at home. On the road … not as much.

I’m just not a believer in the Texans, though. I think Seattle’s defence is better than Houston’s offence. And I think Seattle’s offence can contend with Houston’s defence. It’s not a lot of points, so it’s basically a pick ’em. In a pick ’em, I’ll go with the team I think is best, and in this case, that team is Seattle.

The masterlock: Seahawks, -2.5

(For non-gamblers like my boss Henry Blodget, that means I think the Seahawks win by 3 points or more.)

The New York Giants are on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs, who are 4 point favourites.

Mind-blowing fact of the NFL season: Over the last five years Rex Ryan has the same record as Tom Coughlin. Coughlin has a Super Bowl and Ryan doesn’t, but still. Crazy!

The Giants got walloped last week against the Carolina Panthers, sending the team to 0-3. It’s hard to believe they’re really that bad. But, it might be time to accept it. The Chiefs, on the other hand, are a solid team. They’re not blow-the-doors-off good, rather a sturdy, grind-it-out team. And they should be good enough to win and cover.

The Lock Ness mahnster: Chiefs, -4

(For non-gamblers like my boss Henry Blodget, that means I think the Chiefs win by 4 points or more.)

Dallas is on the road against the San Diego Chargers, who are 2 point underdogs.

The Cowboys might be the best team in the NFC East, but that’s not saying much. The NFC East might be the worst division in the NFL. The Chargers aren’t great, but they’re pretty good. At home, they should be able to beat the Cowboys.

The pick: Chargers +2

(For non-gamblers like my boss Henry Blodget, that means I think the Chargers win or lose by 2 or less.)