NFL WEEK 6: Our Official Predictions For Who Wins This Weekend

Russell WilsonGetty Images/Otto Greule JrSeahawks QB, Russell Wilson.

After five weeks of football, it feels like there are two great teams, and the rest of the league is a crap shoot. 

In honour of that, here are my power rankings:

The worst teams: These teams stink.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Oakland Raiders

Washington D.C.ers

St. Louis Rams

New York Jets

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Minnesota Vikings (without Teddy Bridgewater)

The pointless teams: They will win a few games, but not enough.

New Orleans Saints

Minnesota Vikings (with Teddy Bridgewater)

Kansas City Chiefs

Detroit Lions

Buffalo Bills

The “I don’t really get you” teams: These teams are so inconsistent, they’re impossible to figure out after just 5 games.

San Francisco 49ers

Chicago Bears

Pittsburgh Steelers

Baltimore Ravens

Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers

Houston Texans

Cleveland Browns

The might be good, but hard to believe it team: Are they good?

New York Giants
Indianapolis Colts

The probably fraud teams: Good record, good momentum, but destined to crash.

Green Bay Packers
Cincinnati Bengals

Dallas Cowboys

Arizona Cardinals

Philadelphia Eagles

New England Patriots

The good, but not good enough team:

San Diego Chargers

The only two really good teams: Super Bowl rematch coming up. 

Denver Broncos

Seattle Seahawks

Now that you have a somewhat idea of how I am ranking these teams, let’s make some picks!

For the season, I am 15-15-1. I got last night’s game right. Last week I went 2-3. I’d like to be better than .500 for the season, but honestly, .500 isn’t that bad. Picking against the spread is hard.

The Denver Broncos are 9.5 point favourites on the road against the New York Jets.

Peyton manning yelling at julius thomasCBSO.M.G.

This is a lot of points for a road team. But this isn’t any road team, it’s the Broncos who score lots. And it’s against the Jets, who it turns out, aren’t very good! The only way the Broncos don’t win this game by two touchdowns or more is if Peyton Manning decides to treat it like a bye week. 

The pick: Broncos -9.5

The Seattle Seahawks are 8-point favourites at home against the Dallas Cowboys.

Richard sherman 1seahawksRob Carr/Getty ImagesRichard Sherman doesn’t like when you pull his hair on the field, guys.

This is a lot of points. But, I think the Seahawks can cover the number.

The Seahawks’ defence is significantly better than the Cowboys offence. And the Seahawks offence is significantly better than the Cowboys’ defence. The Seahawks are playing at home, where they pretty much never lose. 

So, how do the Seahawks not cover this spread? It’s tiring being the Seahawks. They get the best shot of every team, week in and week out. The Cowboys are better than expected with a strong run game. Tony Romo can do just enough to make a game close. 

But, do we really think the Seahawks won’t win by 9 or more? Nope.

The pick: Seahawks -8

The New England Patriots are 3 point favourites on the road against the Buffalo Bills. 

Tom brady week 5Jim Rogash/Getty ImagesTOMMY HAS HIS GROOVE BACK.

Ugh, is all I can say about this game. Last week I thought the Patriots were dunzo. But then they demolished the Bengals. 

Can they do it again? I honestly have no idea what to make of last week’s performance. Was it an aberration or the real thing? I can’t trust Kyle Orton or the Bills, so I will take a chance that Tommy Brady has his groove back and all is well in New England. 

The pick: Patriots -3

The Philadelphia Eagles are 3-point favourites at home against the New York Giants. 

Before we get into this one, let me say that I am an Eagles fan, and thus far I don’t think I have ever picked an Eagles game correctly. So, you may want to do the opposite of what I recommend here. 

The number one question on mind of Philly fans this week: Is Nick Foles a fraud? Because, he sure seems like it. He’s missing open receivers, and his “mechanics” are off. He also has a softball sized bruise on his non throwing arm, according to Sal Paolantonio. 

The Eagles offensive line is a mess, and its run game isn’t working. So, it’s hard to know what’s Foles’ problem and what’s not. 

But, the Eagles look like the weakest 4-1 team in the league by a mile. They have beaten the Jaguars, Washington, the Rams, and the Colts. The Colts are good. The other three teams are the worst of the worst in the NFL. 

The Giants, meanwhile, have everything clicking. The offence looks good. The defensive line looks strong again. I just don’t see how the Eagles can win this game unless they play significantly better than they have in the past three weeks. 

The Eagles defence is too shaky. And the offence can’t get anything going anymore. 

The pick: Giants +3

The San Francisco 49ers are 3 point favourites on the road against the St. Louis Rams. 

Jim harbaughGrant Halverson/Getty ImagesJim Harbaugh and his niners will get the win.

The Rams are one of the worst teams in the league. Even though this is a divisional road game, I like the favourites. The 49ers’ defence will dismantle Austin Davis, who is not good. And Colin Kaepernick and the rest of the 49ers offence with pick apart the Rams. 

While we’re here… how does Jeff Fisher still have a job? He made a horrible bet on Sam Bradford to be the QB. And the team has stunk. Somehow he gets a pass. Is it because he’s in the middle of the country and fewer people are paying attention?

The pick: 49ers -3

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