The Minimalist's Guide To The NFL: What You Need To Know About Every Team Right Now

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After five weeks, the NFL is starting to take shape.

We know the Lions are good, the Eagles are bad, and Tim Tebow is going to lead Denver to the Superbowl (kidding).

Here’s what you know need to know about where every team stands right now.

St. Louis Rams: One of three winless teams left, and they've been decimated by injuries all over the place (Supe Bowl odds: 100-1, was 35-1)

Miami Dolphins: Lost all four games against a brutal schedule, and looking awful at QB (100-1, was 60-1)

Indianapolis Colts: They've looked frisky in the last two weeks, but they're still in shambles without Peyton Manning (Super Bowl odds: 100-1, was 20-1)

Arizona Cardinals: The Kevin Kolb experiment looks like a flop. He has no weapons whatsoever besides Larry Fitzgerald (100-1, was 40-1)

Minnesota Vikings: They're 1-4 but have outscored their opponents by five points, lots of close losses (100-1, was 40-1)

Denver Broncos: They've turned to Tebow after a bad start, probably a sign of desperation (100-1, was 75-1)

Jacksonville Jaguars: It's hard to win if you don't have a quarterback, and they don't have a quarterback (100-1, was 100-1)

Carolina Panthers: One of the most fun teams to watch in the NFL. Cam Newton is great, but their defence can't stop anyone (100-1, was 200-1)

Kansas City Chiefs: They've pulled it together after a dreaful start, and could trip up some contenders going forward (100-1, was 50-1)

Seattle Seahawks: Some weeks they look absolutely terrible, and other weeks they jump up and beat the Giants on the road. Total wildcard (100-1, was 80-1)

Cleveland Browns: An insanely easy schedule will make them look better than they are. Not buying wins against Miami and Indy (100-1, was 60-1)

Cincinnati Bengals: They have a really strong D, and a rookie QB-WR combo that could be the next Stafford-Johnson (100-1, was 200-1)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Not quite ready for the bigtime, but a solid playoff contender that should get better as the season goes along (50-1, was 30-1)

Atlanta Falcons: One of the biggest disappointments in the NFL. The dominant offence we all expected is suspiciously absent (40-1, was 15-1)

Philadelphia Eagles: DISASTER. AWFUL. FIRE EVERYONE. 1-4. (40-1, was 8-1)

Chicago Bears: Huge injury issues on the O-line, but enough talent to stay around .500 (35-1, was 50-1)

San Francisco 49ers: Really playing well, and a virtual lock to make the playoffs in the NFC West (30-1, was 60-1)

New York Jets: Not quite as bad as the Eagles, but still a disappointment. Too conservative on offensive, and can't stop the run (30-1, was 12-1)

Buffalo Bills: Still playing well with a high-powered offensive that's outscored Brady and Vick this year (25-1, was 150-1)

Dallas Cowboys: Romo is a human crapshoot. If he's on, they're good. If not, they're not (25-1, was 15-1)

New York Giants: Looked to be a contender before inexplicably losing at home to Seattle (25-1, was 30-1)

Washington Redskins: The surprise leader of the NFC East, with a strong defence and a not-horrible offence (20-1, was 100-1)

Pittsburgh Steelers: Starting to round into form after a bad loss in Houston. Big Ben is banged up though (12-1, was 8-1)

Houston Texans: They've looked like one of the more complete teams in the NFL, but will they be able to come through in a pressure game? We'll see (12-1, was 20-1)

Baltimore Ravens: A great D and running game, but they'll sink or swim on the right arm of QB Joe Flacco (9-1, was 15-1)

San Diego Chargers: Completely and totally unimpressive in victory, but sit at 4-1 (9-1, was 10-1)

New Orleans Saints: The offence is flying high and Darren Sproles has been a game-changer (9-1, was 12-1)

Detroit Lions: Lions-mania is at a straight-up fever pitch. The defence has looked suspect, but the offence is mechanised (8-1, was 20-1)

New England Patriots: Can score at will, but can get scored on at will. Luckily for them, Brady is so good that other offenses need to be perfect to beat him (4-1, was 9-2)

Green Bay Packers: Seemingly getting stronger and gaining confidence as the season goes on. The unquestioned No. 1 team (3-1, was 5-1)

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