NFL WEEK 15: Here Are Our Official Predictions For Who Wins This Weekend

Jay Gruden and Robert Griffin IIIGeoff Burke/USA TODAY SportsRG3’s biggest problem may be an incurable mental block.

The Washington Football Team!

Is there a bigger disaster in the NFL? I don’t think so.

It’s flat-out amazing how dysfunctional that team is. 

Robert Griffin should be starting. Period. Amen, Hallelujah. 

Let’s back up.

As we know, the team traded a boatload of picks to get Griffin. After eight games in year one, it looked like the right move. He was a dynamic talent. He could throw, he could run.

ESPN super talent Tony Kornheiser said it was the “era of unbridled optimism” in Washington D.C. Kornheiser does a local radio show, and has lived in D.C. since the late seventies. His fame is due, in small part, to writing columns about the successful Washington D.C. football teams. 

But then, a twist.

Griffin got hurt. He tried to come back too soon and his leg wiggled at the knee. He’s been hurt on and off since then.

When he plays now, he stinks. In his last 10 games, his record is 1-9. 

He’s been repeatedly trashed as a guy who only cares about making commercials, not getting better at football. 

He hit bottom when he was reportedly punting the ball and chasing it himself like some only child with no friends, lost in a field, daydreaming of being a pro. 

His coach, Jay Gruden, refuses to play him. 

And that is moronic.

Gruden is a total failure as a coach for not starting Griffin. Washington is not going to the playoffs. This season is lost. The only way to salvage it is to do everything possible to see if Griffin is as good as he seemed in the early days of his rookie season. 

Instead, Gruden is starting Colt McCoy. As if that’s going to prove anything. McCoy stinks. He’ll never be a starting QB in the NFL.

Gruden should have let Griffin play and seen if he had anything left. Instead, Gruden has squander Griffin, and blown his chances as a head coach.

My guess is that Washington fires Gruden, and re-signs Griffin. Griffin will stink, the next coach will struggle for three years, then be fired, and Griffin will be out of the league. 

Let’s make some picks! I went 3-4 last week :/. My record for the season is 43-47-1 :(. I pray I improve this week. I pray you pray for me. 

As always, the lines come from Vegas Insider.

The Kansas City Chiefs are 10 point favourites at home against the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders are terrible. If they have any brains, they will not try to win any more games. 

The Chiefs are the worst of the good bad teams. They can’t score and they win by plucky determination. 

The Chiefs will win this game. The question is whether they win by 10, or less. My guess, and obviously, I’m not great at this, is that they do not. 

The pick: Raiders +10

The Baltimore Ravens are 13.5 point favourites at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Ravens are my least favourite team. They’re a good team, but they have no elan, no panache. They just exist. They are neither a dynamically fantastic offensive team, nor a punishingly entertaining defence team. I would rather read Twitter than watch them.

The pick: Ravens -13.5

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 2-point favourites against the Atlanta Falcons.

A match up of the bizarro teams that are impossible to figure out. Everything I said about the Ravens applies to the Steelers. 

The Falcons have looked frisky, so I am going to roll with them at home. But, if Julio Jones doesn’t play, than I say go with Steelers.

The pick: Falcons +2

The Indianapolis Colts are 7-point favourites at home against the Houston Texans.

Andrew Luck is the arguably best quarterback in the NFL. 

Aaron Rodgers is better right now. But for the next ten years, I’ll take Luck. 

Luck is the rare talent who was super hyped, then delivered on the hype.

LeBron James was super hyped, and delivered on the hype. I think people take LBJ for granted. The fact that he didn’t flame out and get burnt by being famous since he was a teenager is amazing.

Anyway, I don’t have a strong opinion on this one. If you were to tell me that J.J. Watt and the Texans were going to rough up Luck and the Colts, I would say, “That makes sense.” 

But, I think the Colts are good against mediocre teams. So, I take them.

The pick: Colts -7

The Cincinnati Bengals are 1-point favourites on the road against Johnny Manziel.

What? There’s other players on the Browns? Interesting.

The pick: Browns +1

The New England Patriots are 7.5-point favourites against the Miami Dolphins.

REVENGE GAME! Or so everyone says.

The Patriots are a better team. They want to win. They can bury the Dolphins who embarrassed the Patriots to start the season. 

I just can’t see Brady/Belichick losing this game. 

By the way: I love Belichick. He’s the best. If I was a super genius mega talent, I would be just like him. Every week I would send a giant middle finger to the idiotic media.

The pick: Patriots -7.5

The Carolina Panthers are 3-point favourites at home against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It’s depressing what happened to Cam Newton.

The pick: Panthers -3

The New York Giants are 6.5-point favourites at home against the Washington Disasters.

If you watch this game, and you don’t live in Washington or New York, you hate yourself. These are two awful teams. And this is a lot of points. 

But! I think Washington has folded. So, I will take New York, which has a better coach and a better QB.

The pick: New York -6.5

The Green Bay Packers are 4.5-point favourites on the road against the Buffalo Bills.

This game screams “TRAP GAME!!!”

You have a talented Buffalo defence. You have a Green Bay team that just keeps winning, which is tiring. Green Bay is on the road.

I like points here in the upset.

The pick: Buffalo +4.5

The Detroit Lions are 7.5-point favourites at home against the Minnesota Vikings.

The Lions are one of the most disrespected good teams in the NFL. They have a ton of offensive “weapons” and the defence isn’t too shabby either.

The Vikings have shown signs of life as the season has progressed. This is a division game, so one might expect it to be tight. But, I think the Lions will be able to run up the score on the Vikings and cover the number.

The pick: Lions -7.5

The New York Jets are 2.5-point favourites on the road against the Titans. 

This is the worst game of the week. Don’t watch it.

The pick: Jets -2.5

The Denver Broncos are 4-point favourites on the road against the San Diego Chargers.

This is the kind of game that Peyton Manning excels at. There’s only the slightest tinge of pressure. It’s against a team he can beat. The Broncos need a win. I expect Manning to light up the Chargers. 

The pick: Broncos -4

The Seattle Seahawks are 10-point favourites at home against the San Francisco 49ers.

Holy cow! 10 points! 

The 49ers are a disaster this year, so it’s not all that surprising. And the Seahawks are looking like the Super Bowl champions. The defence is punishing, and Russell Wilson is running around, making plays, doing enough to win games. 

Still, this is a division game. And these teams have been evenly matched in recent years. So, you would think the line would be lower. 

But, I think Seattle is just on fire right now, and they will bury the 49ers and send Harbaugh packing. 

The pick: Seahawks -10

The Philadelphia Eagles are 3.5-point favourites at home against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Eagles dismantled the Cowboys two weeks ago on Thanksgiving. So, they should dismantle them again. 

But, there’s something weird about winning. There’s a cliche that you don’t learn as much from success as you do from failure. I wonder if the Cowboys learned from their failure and are better prepared to deal with the Eagles. What can the Eagles take away from their win? Do more of the same? 

There’s other reasons to doubt the Eagles. The Cowboys got a week and a half to prepare for this game since their last game was on Thursday. The Eagles played the Seahawks, and the Seahawks are a brutal, punishing team. The Eagles will be in worse shape. 

Ultimately, I think this comes down to which team is better, and in my opinion, the Eagles are the better team. I think they win this game by 4 points or more. 

The pick: Eagles -3.5

The New Orleans Saints are 3-point favourites on the road against the Chicago Bears.

What a game! Two of the most disappointing teams in the league. 

The Bears are awful. They have given up on their coach. 

The Saints still have some life in them, so I would expect them to win. But, they’re on the road in the bitter cold of Chicago. So, that gives me some hesitation. 

But, I think the Bears are toast.

The pick: Saints -3

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