NFL WEEK 14: Our Official Predictions For Who Wins

The NFL is always pretty exciting.

But, with just 4 games left in the season, it’s really exciting. This is basically a mini-playoff before the real playoffs start.

In the NFC, it’s the most exciting because a 10-6 probably won’t make the playoffs. The Eagles, Cardinals, Saints, Panthers, Cowboys, and 49ers are all bumping against each other for the Wild Card and Division play off spots.

We’ll dive into some of the match-ups here.

For the year, I’m 35-48-4 picking games (Editor’s note: :-/). All lines come from the Las Vegas Hilton, via Vegas Insider.

Mike Shanahan

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3 point favourites on the road against the Washington Redskins.
The Redskins really need a win here. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Their nightmare season will continue, as Andy Reid and the Chiefs get their first win in weeks. The Chiefs are just a better team right now. I wonder if Mike Shanahan is back next season.

The pick: Chiefs -3

Bill belichick

Jim Rogash/Getty Images
New England is an 11.5 point favourite at home against the Cleveland Browns.
The Patriots are a strange team this season. Early in the year, the offence was a mess, but the defence was great. Then, it lost two important defensive players, and now the defence is a mess, but the offence is great. If it hadn’t lost those players, it would be the Super Bowl favourite. As it is, it seems like the Pats are destined for another second round loss in the playoffs. But, who’s going to bounce them out? We’ll find out over the next four weeks. As for this game, 11.5 points is a lot of points, but I think the Pats have a big game here.

The pick: Patriots -11.5

Carson palmer 49ers

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Arizona Cardinals are 6 point favourites at home against the St. Louis Rams.

Are the Cardinals good? Maybe? Did they peak and are they ready to fade? Maybe. The Cardinals have a magnificent defence, which should mess up the Rams. But, the Rams have a pretty good defence that should force Carson Palmer into some bad decisions. This is a lot of points, which makes me nervous, but I think Palmer to Fitzgerald should be enough to cover.

The Pick: Cardinals -6

Cam newton

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

New Orleans Saints are 3-point favourites at home against the Carolina Panthers.

New Orleans pretty much has to win this game, right? If it loses this game, then the Panthers lead the division and are looking at getting a bye week. The Saints are a better team at home, and so, I think they managed to beat the Panthers by more than three. This is going to be a great game.

The pick: Saints -3

Dallas Cowboys are on the road against the Chicago Bears, and it’s a pick em’.

I think the Cowboys win this one. They’re the better team, so it seems like they should win, even on the road. The only thing that makes me nervous is that the Cowboys seem like such an obviously better team that I would expect them to be favorited. This makes it a bit of a suckers bet, right?

The pick: Cowboys

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