NFL Vs. Cable: Satellite (And Your Local Bar) Wins

If the Packers-Cowboy game was any indicator, DirectTV (DTV) and Echostar (DISH) should be ecstatic about the standoff between the NFL Network and big cable (TWC, CMCSA, CVC): Our bar-heavy neighbourhood in Brooklyn was crawling with dudes who couldn’t watch the game at home, and were looking for watering holes with satellite TV.

True story from last night: We know in advance that our local pub has the game, so we are shocked to find the place empty when we show up at 8:30. More shocking: A grainy soccer game is playing on four tvs. Sean the bartender says that yes, several guys have already come in looking for American football, but he’s sent them away, because he doesn’t have it. We explain that he does have it, since his pub has DirectTV, and we show him how to find the NFL network. By half-time the place is standing-room only, and we get a free beer for services rendered.

Another winner may well be Verizon, at least based on SAI’s traffic log: Yesterday we saw a huge spike in interest in this two-week old story: It’s about VZ’s plans to let fans who get both Internet and TV service from the telco stream the games on their PCs.

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