NFL Vs. Cable Guys, Round 2

The NY Post checks in on the battle between the NFL Network and Time Warner Cable, Cablevision and other cable operators: The NFL is losing.

The league’s cable network has been unsuccessfully trying to get the cable guys to add the channel to their “basic” packages. Right now the network’s distribution is stuck at 44 million homes (less, the cable guys say), and TWC and others aren’t carrying it at all. So


the NFL Network is spamming football fans with emails begging them to complain to lawmakers, but it’s hard to see that campaign gaining much traction.

If we were inclined to complain to our elected representatives about NFL games, we’d ask them why we can’t see all of the Minnesota Vikings’ games from Brooklyn without getting DirectTV. After Adrian Peterson‘s performance this afternoon, we’d certainly consider paying up for the rest of the reason. But we’re locked into TWC for broadband and phone, so we’re not going to swap anytime soon. NY Post

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