NFL TRIVIA: How Well Do You Know Your Football?

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It’s been a long summer of nauseating negotiations, but the NFL is backLose your football knowledge during the lockout?

Time to knock off the rust.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Dallas Cowboys' Miles Austin and Tony Romo

Austin went undrafted out of Hampton while Romo quarterbacked Eastern Illinois.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

New York Giants' Prince Amukamara and Mathias Kiwanuka

Unfortunately, Amukamara's smile quickly wore off after breaking his foot. Sorry Giants fans. Royalty doesn't get you what it used to.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Philadelphia Eagles

Free-agent signings including Nnamdi Asamougha, Vince Young, Ronnie Brown, Steve Smith, Cullen Jenkins and the trade for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has the 'City of Brotherly Love' giddy.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Rex Grossman

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Jim Harbaugh

A former quarterback himself.

Best of luck in San Francisco.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Seattle Seahawks

Best of luck, city of Seattle.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

St. Louis Rams

Undrafted out of Texas Tech and small in stature, Amendola has made the most of his opportunities.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Jay Cutler

Rough off-season for the Chicago Bears starting quarterback. He didn't make any friends after not returning to the NFC Championship Game (see: Maurice Jones-Drew). And certainly didn't help himself with members of The Hills.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Calvin Johnson

Half man-half machine, the Detroit Lions wide receiver needs no introduction. All he does is catch touchdowns...unless Gene Steratore is refereeing.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Aaron Rodgers

It's safe to say the Green Bay Packers quarterback has emerged from Brett Favre's shadow to become the CM Punk of the NFL.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Adrian Peterson

Oddly, this strength didn't always carry over to the football field. Until now. A serial fumbler most of his career, the Minesota Viking lost only one in the 2010 season.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Julio Jones

We all know how the Herschel Walker deal turned out for the Cowboys (Three Super Bowls). What's that sound? Falcons fans hoping history doesn't repeat itself.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Carolina Panthers' Jimmy Clausen and Cam Newton

Poor Derek. Things were going so well. And then he posted one of the worst stat lines in the history of the NFL:

2/17, 23 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT, 15.1 QB Rating.


NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

New Orleans Saints

What the Saints and Sproles (5-6) lack in size, they make up for in heart...or something like that. Just ask Drew Brees (6-0).

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Making matters worse, the Bucs lost their first 12 games of the next season, leaving the franchise in an 0-26 hole. Who cares? They wore CREAMSICLE!

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Buffalo Bills

That's ok, Scott. Fortunately, Bills fans had three more Super Bowl defeats to anguish over.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Reggie Bush

The newest member of the Miami Dolphins backfield hasn't had it easy since the USC controversy. And that was before Kim became engaged to Kris Humphries. Who?

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

Have you been an accident lately? This New England Patriots running back is here to help.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Mark Sanchez

The Sanchize has already seen his fair share of highs and lows in the Big Apple. And replays of a certain incident with Mark Brunell. At least he looks good on a magazine cover.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Kyle Orton

AKA not Tim Tebow. Sorry fans. His time will come. Or it won't.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Kansas City Chiefs

Go crazy, Arrowhead. Jammal Charles and Co. might actually be headed in the right direction!

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Al Davis

DISCLAIMER: View photo with caution.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Antonio Gates

The San Diego Charger averaged 20 points and 8 rebounds his senior season for the Golden Flashes and guided them to the elite eight in 2002. Now, he catches passes from Phillip Rivers for a living.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Tom Zbikowski

After making his debut in 2006 at MSG with a TKO just 49 seconds into the match, Zbikowski is now 4-0 in his professional career. 'Kowski said knock you out.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Carson Palmer

Sorry Carson, Mike Brown doesn't bluff. Let the Andy Dalton era begin!

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Peyton Hillis

The PHillistine is all that is man. Fear not the Madden Curse, Browns fans. Hillis is Chuck Norris in pads.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Troy Polamalu

If football doesn't work out for the Steelers safety (it has), surely a life selling hair product will. Polamalu has an endorsement deal with Head and Shoulders and a million-dollar insurance policy for his hair.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Arian Foster

Before 2010, the Houston Texans running back was a member of the practice squad. Now, he's namaste-ing his way to the end zone at will.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Curtis Painter

Jim Sorgi, we hardly knew ya. Now it's the former Boilermaker's turn to play the role of Mr. Clipboard. What's that? Manning might not be fully healed by week one? Oh, dear lord.

Maurice Jones-Drew

Raised by his grandparents, the 'little bowling ball that could' is a two-time Pro Bowler, a huge fantasy football fan and an aforementioned proponent of calling people out on Twitter.

NFL Trivia: Jeopardy Edition

Chris Johnson.

To take it a step further, Johnson's 4,598 yards in his first three NFL season ranks fourth all-time among running backs. To quote KGB, 'Hey Tennessee, pay that man his money.'

Now that you've got your skills back, let's see if your team does.

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