Five NFL Teams Have Been Approached About Moving To L.A.

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Anschutz Entertainment Group has been working hard to build a new football stadium in downtown Los Angeles, despite the fact that L.A. currently doesn’t have a pro football team.

There’s a good chance that’s about to change.

The Orange County Register reports that AEG has already spoken to five NFL franchises about the possibility of the company acquiring their team and moving it to the unbuilt Farmers Field.

The five teams are the Vikings, Chargers, Jaguars, and two squads – the Rams and Raiders – that used to play in L.A. before they left for greener pastures.

AEG says they would also pay the cost for those teams to break any stadium leases or settle civic debts in order to move.

No formal offers have been made yet, but the stadium has not been approved yet either. The hope is that getting the re-location talks going now will grease the wheels with the City Council.

It seems that rather than wait for the NFL to approve expansion – a long shot, at best – the group is hoping to import a contender as soon as possible.

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