19 Awesome Photos From The NFL's Epic Snow Day

Today was the most entertaining NFL Sunday of the year.

With a snow storm battering the east coast, parts of at least five games were played in snowy conditions.

The delightful Eagles-Lions game was played in a near blizzard.

These games produced some spectacular photos of cold wide receivers, perplexed cheerleaders, and tight ends rolling around in the snow like five-year-olds.

Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson stays warm.

Desean Jackson gets caught in the snow.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford calls out signals.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco hands it off to Ray Rice.

Eagles fans in the first half.

Eagles fans in the second half.

The Redskins call a play.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown dances in the end zone.

An Eagles cheerleader can't believe it's this cold.

Lions running back Joique Bell breaks a tackle.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz paces on the sideline.

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles looks to the sky.

The Chiefs make a football-sized snowman.

The Ravens lost in the snow.

Eagles tight end Brent Celek slides into a snow mound.

The crooked lines in the Ravens-Vikings game.

A Ravens defender dives at Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel.

Eagles punter Donnie Jones makes contact.

A Steelers worker uses a leaf blower to clear the lines.

Now back to football

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