The NFL Scouting Combine Still Matters, And More People Are Watching Than Ever

cam newton auburnCam Newton

Photo: AP

Over the last few years as the NFL Draft approaches it has become popular among media and fans to wonder why the Scouting Combine exists and voice their opinions that what you see on the football field is far more relevant when forecasting draft prospects.We know most teams don’t agree with that and still hold Combine tests in high regard, but it turns out that fans are much more interested in the Combine than we may have thought.

Last week, 6.6 million people watched the Combine on the NFL Network, a new record.  It was a 27% increase over last year’s viewership of 5.2 million. 

Part of that could be credited to the intrigue surrounding Cam Newton’s workout, but remember, last year everyone wanted to see Tim Tebow.

We also suspect that the lack of free agency and player movement have contributed to fan interest in the Combine, but the facts remain that the Combine is more popular than ever. 

We’re sure there will still be outrage over draft picks that seem to have been taken too high because of their Combine performances as opposed to their play on the field, but it is clear that people care more about what happens at the Combine than ever.

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