HEY, NFL FANS: Stop Pretending The Schedule Announcement Is Important!

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Yesterday, the NFL was badmouthing its players with lockout spin.Today, it’s trumpeting the announcement of games that those players currently aren’t allowed to practice for.

And the league acts like it’s doing you a favour by telling you about them.

Still, NFL fans eat it up, celebrating the release of a calendar like it just got elected to the Hall of Fame.

Is it any wonder why the league’s owners are willing to wipe out an entire season to win a labour fight?

Should we be surprised that the NFL — a $9 billion a year business — is willing to deny its own customers the opportunity to buy its product?

It does so because it knows that no matter how rudely it treats you, no matter how badly it hurts you, no matter how much money it takes from you … it will never be enough to get you to stop caring about football.

Many have argued that NFL fans need to speak up (loudly) about the lockout. That they need to make their voices heard and remind the owners and players who they are really hurting with this work stoppage: The paying customers.

If NFL fans really wanted to send a message to the league that their voice matters, that their dollars are valuable, that their opinion and feelings on football should be respected, then they need stop treating every nugget that the NFL feeds them like it’s a glass of water in the middle of the desert during two-a-days.

The need to ignore the NFL, its Network, and it’s stupid schedule announcement.

Stop tweeting about it. Stop writing about. Stop talking about them.

It’s not because there’s a legitimate chance that many of these games won’t actually be played.

It’s not because schedule announcements involving teams that haven’t even begun to assemble rosters are utterly meaningless. (You’re TiVo doesn’t go that far in advance.)

It’s because the NFL doesn’t care about you nearly as much as you care about it. You’re just a PSL to them. Or a receipt for a jersey. You (your money, actually) are nothing but a line on a balance sheet.

The NFL has complete confidence that it can walk all over you for the next year and you won’t hesitate to come crawling back for more. That’s why this lockout is happening.

They’re treating you like sheep. Stop acting like one.