The NFL teams with the most money to spend in free agency

NFL free agency begins March 10th.

With the deadline to apply the franchise tag expired, we now know that some big free agents are going to hit the open market. Ndamukong Suh, DeMarco Murray, and Julius Thomas are all going to be free agents.

The salary cap has been set to $US143.3 million, a 7.5% increase from 2014. As a result, a decent number of teams will have some serious money to spend.

Eleven teams (more than one-third of the league) are currently at least $US30 million below the cap. Four teams are at least $US50 million below the cap.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Saints are in salary cap hell and the Patriots are going to have to get creative to improve their roster.

Here’s the ranking of all 32 teams by cap room (via

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars — $US68.5 million
  2. Oakland Raiders — $US54.8 million
  3. Cleveland Browns — $US53.1 million
  4. New York Jets — $US50.0 million
  5. Indianapolis Colts — $US43.9 million
  6. Tennessee Titans — $US43.8 million
  7. Cincinnati Bengals — $US39.4 million
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — $US33.4 million
  9. Atlanta Falcons — $US32.6 million
  10. Green Bay Packers — $US32.5 million
  11. Buffalo Bills — $US30.4 million
  12. San Diego Chargers — $US29.4 million
  13. Chicago Bears — $US28.8 million
  14. Washington Redskins — $US27.4 million
  15. Philadelphia Eagles — $US26.2 million
  16. Seattle Seahawks — $US24.4 million
  17. Minnesota Vikings — $US19.9 million
  18. Detroit Lions — $US18.7 million
  19. Carolina Panthers — $US16.0 million
  20. Denver Broncos — $US15.5 million
  21. Arizona Cardinals — $US13.5 million
  22. New York Giants — $US12.7 million
  23. Houston Texans — $US12.6 million
  24. Miami Dolphins — $US9.5 million
  25. Pittsburgh Steelers — $US7.3 million
  26. St. Louis Rams — $US6.9 million
  27. Dallas Cowboys — $US6.6 million
  28. San Francisco 49ers — $US6.5 million
  29. Baltimore Ravens — $US4.1 million
  30. Kansas City Chiefs — ($US5.7 million above cap)
  31. New England Patriots — ($US12.3 million above cap)
  32. New Orleans Saints — ($US22.4 million above cap)

Keep in mind that these numbers are before teams re-sign their own players and give guys under small contracts lucrative extensions. The Seahawks, for example, are going to be cap-strapped because they have to give Russell Wilson a raise that could add up to $US19 million to their cap.

Here are the 10 best free agents available, according to

  1. Ndamukong Suh, defensive tackle
  2. Devin McCourty, safety
  3. Julius Thomas, tight end
  4. Randall Cobb, wide receiver
  5. DeMarco Murray, running back
  6. Jerry Hughes, defensive end
  7. Mike Iupati, guard
  8. Greg Hardy, defensive end
  9. Byron Maxwell, cornerback
  10. Torrey Smith, wide receiver

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