The Oakland Raiders Are In Desperate Need Of A Quarterback And They Want Carson Palmer

carson palmer cincinnati bengals nfl

Photo: AP

Yesterday, the Oakland Raiders playoff hopes took a hit when quarterback Jason Campbell broke his collarbone which will have him out for at least six weeks.And now, the Raiders want to trade for disgruntled Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, who may or may not be retired.

Earlier this year, Palmer demanded a trade from the Bengals and threatened to retire, rather than ever suit up for Cincinnati again. The Bengals called his bluff and let him retire. But now, with Campbell out, and tomorrow’s trade deadline looming, the Bengals could be enticed into changing their minds.

One report says the Raiders are “trying hard” to trade for Palmer. But will the Raiders offer enough to talk the Bengals into caving to Palmer’s demands? There are some concerns that the Raiders just don’t have the pieces to get a deal done. But even if they did, would the NFL allow it?

The NFL is notoriously hard on player movement, and they may not want to send the message that players can demand trades and get out of situations they don’t like. In-season trades are already rare in the NFL. But if the Bengals and the league office want to send a message, Palmer will still be retired after the trade deadline passes.

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