NFL Radar: Here's What Everyone Is Going Talk About All Week


Last night, Brett Favre almost beat his old team, the Packers, for a third straight time. 

But a late touchdown pass was called incomplete when the receiver’s feet landed out of bounds.

Now everyone is talking about how Favre looks old and broken.

He’s probably wishing for the days when Jenn Sterger was his biggest problem.

Less than 48 hours after fist-pounding someone's face and getting arrested for it, Titans WR Kenny Britt scored three touchdowns.

Brett Favre's naked crotch shots are no longer his biggest problem; his stupid interceptions are.

With his ankle busted again, Brett Favre finally looks old. Will he sit out Sunday?

The Cleveland Browns beat the Saints, proving there are no good teams in the NFC.

There were no illegal hits in the NFL all weekend.

What's wrong with Saints QB Drew Brees? He's already thrown more interceptions this year than he did all last year.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger fumbled into the end zone, but after a video review proved useless, officials gave him the ball at the one. The Steelers then kicked a field goal to win it. Scandal!

Oakland destroyed Denver 59-14. When will Broncos coach Josh McDaniels start playing Heisman hero Tim Tebow?

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