NFL QUARTERBACK POWER RANKINGS: Where All 32 Starters Stand Right Now

The top five of our QB rankings has been impenetrable this year.
But now three outsiders — Russell Wilson Nick Foles, and Tony Romo — are threatening to crack in.

Our rating is a composite of three advanced stats: defence-adjusted yards (DYAR), total QB rating (QBR), and win probability added (WPA). Each stat accounts for one-third of the rating.

UNRANKED: Matt McGloin, Oakland Raiders*

Team record: 4-6

Thing to know: The Raiders have spent $US21.5 million and four draft picks on QBs since 2011.

*Not enough data to create a ranking.

31. Geno Smith, New York Jets (previously 28th)

Team record: 5-5

DYAR: 43rd

QBR: 39th

WPA: 35th

Thing to know: Uh oh, people are now comparing his stats to Mark Sanchez's.

30. Chad Henne, Jacksonville Jaguars (previously 27th)

Team record: 1-9

DYAR: 38th

QBR: 38th

WPA: 30th

Thing to know: Cecil Shorts is now complaining about how little Henne is throwing to him.

29. Eli Manning, New York Giants (previously 26th)

Team record: 4-6

DYAR: 36th

QBR: 33rd

WPA: 37th

Thing to know: He has thrown at least one pick in eight of 10 games.

28. Kellen Clemens, St. Louis Rams (previously 24th)

Team record: 4-6

DYAR: 34th

QBR: 35th

WPA: 32nd

Thing to know: Tavon Austin had a breakout game before the bye. He needs to be just as good going forward for Clemens to be effective.

27. Jason Campbell, Cleveland Browns (previously 15th)

Team record: 4-6

DYAR: 23rd

QBR: 36th

WPA: 33rd

Thing to know: The Browns could be toast after he completed less than 50% of his passes and threw three INTs in a back-breaking loss to Cincy.

26. Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals (previously 29th)

Team record: 6-4

DYAR: 26th

QBR: 29th

WPA: 34th

Thing to know: He needs to have a great performance against a non-Jaguars team to convince us he's back.

25. Scott Tolzien, Green Bay Packers (previously unranked)

Team record: 5-5

DYAR: 28th

QBR: 38th

WPA: 29th

Thing to know: If he can somehow avoid that sixth loss before Aaron Rodgers comes back it'll be huge.

24. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tennessee Titans (previously 25th)

Team record: 4-6

DYAR: 20th

QBR: 19th

WPA: 40th

Thing to know: He hasn't thrown an INT since early October.

23. Case Keenum, Houston Texans (previously 17th)

Team record: 2-8

DYAR: 19th

QBR: 30th

WPA: 38th

Thing to know: He might be out of a job next year if the Texans get a high draft pick, which looks likely.

22. Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins (previously 23rd)

Team record: 5-5

DYAR: 35th

QBR: 32rd

WPA: 22nd

Thing to know: His offensive line is awful, and it's going to be tough for him to be effective against decent defenses.

21. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens (previously 20th)

Team record: 4-6

DYAR: 37th

QBR: 22nd

WPA: 21st

Thing to know: We're only a few more losses away from people questioning that $US120 million contract.

20. Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (previously 21st)

Team record: 2-8

DYAR: 15th

QBR: 25th

WPA: 41st

Thing to know: He just had the game of his life against Atlanta.

19. Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs (previously 19th)

Team record: 9-1

DYAR: 22nd

QBR: 28th

WPA: 27th

Thing to know: He struggled to break out from his offence's inherent conservatism once he got down double-digits.

18. E.J. Manuel, Buffalo Bills (previously 22nd)

Team record: 4-7

DYAR: 28th

QBR: 27th

WPA: 23rd

Thing to know: He bounced back from his worst game of the year to dismantle the Jets.

17. Christian Ponder, Minnesota Vikings (previously 18th)

Team record: 2-8

DYAR: 32nd

QBR: 18th

WPA: 26th

Thing to know: He got benched last week, but he's still starting.

16. Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins (previously 14th)

Team record: 3-6

DYAR: 29th

QBR: 26th

WPA: 18th

Thing to know: The RGIII backlash has arrived.

15. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals (previously 10th)

Team record: 7-4

DYAR: 21st

QBR: 21st

WPA: 15th

Thing to know: He completed less than 50% of his passes for the second-straight game.

14. Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers (previously 12th)

Team record: 6-4

DYAR: 18th

QBR: 12th

WPA: 20th

Thing to know: After an easy October schedule, he's slipped from 8th to 14th against good competition.

13. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers (previously 16th)

Team record: 4-6

DYAR: 12th

QBR: 20th

WPA: 13th

Thing to know: Trade rumours behind him, he now has an outside shot at a playoff run.

12. Josh McCown, Chicago Bears (previously unranked)

Team record: 6-4

DYAR: 17th

QBR: 2nd

WPA: 12th

Thing to know: He could end up costing Jay Cutler a ton of money.

11. Tom Brady, New England Patriots (previously 11th)

Team record: 7-3

DYAR: 11th

QBR: 17th

WPA: 8th

Thing to know: He is not happy about that call.

10. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers (previously 13th)

Team record: 7-3

DYAR: 14th

QBR: 14th

WPA: 6th

Thing to know: He finally had a great performance against a top-tier team.

9. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts (previously 9th)

Team record: 7-3

DYAR: 10th

QBR: 7th

WPA: 7th

Thing to know: It's startling that this team is 7-3 the way they're playing.

8. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys (previously 6th)

Team record: 5-5

DYAR: 7th

QBR: 13th

WPA: 14th

Thing to know: He has a huge game against the Giants after his stinker in New Orleans.

7. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks (previously 8th)

Team record: 9-1

DYAR: 9th

QBR: 9th

WPA: 9th

Thing to know: His rise up the rankings is underway after his offensive line got back healthy.

6. Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles (previously 7th)

Team record: 5-5

DYAR: 8th

QBR: 3rd

WPA: 11th

Thing to know: He's making everyone in Philly question the assumption that they're going to draft a QB in 2014.

5. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons (previously 5th)

Team record: 2-9

DYAR: 5th

QBR: 10th

WPA: 10th

Thing to know: He will likely fall out of the top-five next week after a slew of bad games.

4. Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions (previously 4th)

Team record: 6-4

DYAR: 4th

QBR: 8th

WPA: 3rd

Thing to know: He whiffed on a chance to take the NFC North lead alone, and now he's in a fight with the Bears.

3. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers (previously 3rd)

Team record: 4-6

DYAR: 3rd

QBR: 6th

WPA: 4th

Thing to know: He's starting to slip after an incredible start to the year.

2. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints (previously 3rd)

Team record: 9-2

DYAR: 2nd

QBR: 4th

WPA: 2nd

Thing to know: He broke a streak of four-straight games of 300+ passing yards against the Falcons.

1. Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos (previously 1st)

Team record: 9-1

DYAR: 1st

QBR: 1st

WPA: 1st

Thing to know: Losing Wes Welker would make things difficult in the coming weeks, but he appears to be ok

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