NFL QUARTERBACK POWER RANKINGS: Where All 32 Starters Stand Right Now

At the halfway point of the NFL season, a few big-time QBs are uncharacteristically struggling.

Tom Brady, RGIII, and Big Ben are all surprisingly low in our QB power rankings.

Our rating is a composite of three advanced stats: defence-adjusted yards (DYAR), total QB rating (QBR), and win probability added (WPA). Each stat accounts for one-third of the rating.

UNRANKED: Jason Campbell, Cleveland Browns*

Team record: 3-5

Thing to know: He appears to be a much better option than Brandon Weeden.

*Not enough data to create a ranking.

UNRANKED: Kellen Clemens, St. Louis Rams*

Team record: 3-5

Thing to know: He threw two picks and mustered just nine points against Seattle's secondary.

*Not enough data to create a ranking.

UNRANKED: Josh McCown, Chicago Bears*

Team record: 4-3

Thing to know: He'll make his first start of the year against Green Bay this Sunday.

*Not enough data to create a ranking.

UNRANKED: Case Keenum, Houston Texans*

Team record: 2-5

Thing to know: Matt Schaub is now healthy, and Keenum is starting anyway.

*Not enough data to create a ranking.

UNRANKED: Jeff Tuel, Buffalo Bills*

Team record: 3-5

Thing to know: Thad Lewis is doubtful for this week. Matt Flynn may start but Tuel looks like the guy.

*Not enough data to create a ranking.

27. Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals (previously 28th)

Team record: 4-4

DYAR: 35th

QBR: 32nd

WPA: 39th

Thing to know: He only threw 18 passes on Sunday, which is probably a sign of things to come if Andre Ellington continues to find success.

26. Geno Smith, New York Jets (previously 22nd)

Team record: 4-4

DYAR: 37th

QBR: 34th

WPA: 27th

Thing to know: He's on the see-saw. All of his good games have been followed up with stinkers, and vice versa.

25. Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (previously 26th)

Team record: 0-7

DYAR: 24th

QBR: 27th

WPA: 37th

Thing to know: He actually took Russell Wilson's starting job at NC State. They meet again this week.

24. Chad Henne, Jacksonville Jaguars (previously 27th)

Team record: 0-8

DYAR: 30th

QBR: 35th

WPA: 28th

Thing to know: He just lost Justin Blackmon indefinitely. Not a great sign.

23. Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins (previously 21st)

Team record: 4-4

DYAR: 33rd

QBR: 31st

WPA: 26th

Thing to know: He made some huge throws down the stretch to win a key overtime game against Cincinnati.

22. Eli Manning, New York Giants (previously 25th)

Team record: 2-6

DYAR: 29th

QBR: 26th

WPA: 31st

Thing to know: All of a sudden, he's only two games out of first place in the NFC East.

21. Christian Ponder, Minnesota Vikings (previously unranked)

Team record: 1-6

DYAR: 27th

QBR: 24th

WPA: 30th

Thing to know: He was once again uninspiring against the Packers, but at least he had a great Halloween costume.

20. Terrelle Pryor, Oakland Raiders (previously 20th)

Team record: 3-4

DYAR: 34th

QBR: 23rd

WPA: 24th

Thing to know: That 93-yard run against Pittsburgh should make defenses adjust for the rest of the year. But he's still struggling through the air.

19. Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins (previously 18th)

Team record: 2-5

DYAR: 28th

QBR: 30th

WPA: 25th

Thing to know: He played well for a half, but started throw ill-advised deep bombs once the Broncos got the lead.

18. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens (previously 19th)

Team record: 3-4

DYAR: 21st

QBR: 19th

WPA: 20th

Thing to know: He has been playing better of late, and he really needs a win this week against Cleveland.

17. Tom Brady, New England Patriots (previously 16th)

Team record: 6-2

DYAR: 32nd

QBR: 17th

WPA: 12th

Thing to know: His hand injury resulted in yet another mistake-plagued performance against Miami.

16. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers (previously 14th)

Team record: 2-5

DYAR: 15th

QBR: 18th

WPA: 22nd

Thing to know: Pittsburgh's offence is really struggling. They've failed to break 20 points in five of seven games.

15. Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs (previously 17th)

Team record: 8-0

DYAR: 17th

QBR: 18th

WPA: 18th

Thing to know: KC's defence is so good that Smith just have to be average for them to win. He has been as average as you can be.

14. Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles (previously unranked)

Team record: 3-5

DYAR: 16th

QBR: 14th

WPA: 19th

Thing to know: Philly is probably going to draft a QB next spring no matter what happens the rest of the year.

13. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers (previously 15th)

Team record: 4-3

DYAR: 14th

QBR: 15th

WPA: 14th

Thing to know: He has another soft opponent this week in Atlanta. He's set up for a nice run.

12. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks (previously 10th)

Team record: 7-1

DYAR: 13th

QBR: 16th

WPA: 10th

Thing to know: He really needs those offensive lineman back. He has no time in the pocket.

11. Jake Locker, Tennessee Titans (previously 11th)

Team record: 3-4

DYAR: 15th

QBR: 9th

WPA: 9th

Thing to know: He has a favourable match-up this week with St. Louis. He started the season like gangbusters before getting injured.

10. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts (previously 9th)

Team record: 5-2

DYAR: 11th

QBR: 5th

WPA: 11th

Thing to know: He has a tricky test this week against an absolutely desperate Texans team.

9. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys (previously 8th)

Team record: 4-4

DYAR: 7th

QBR: 12th

WPA: 16th

Thing to know: Apparently the dust-up between him and Dez Bryant is all good.

8. Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers (previously 12th)

Team record: 6-2

DYAR: 9th

QBR: 3rd

WPA: 8th

Thing to know: He has played an insanely easy schedule in the last month, and he's eating those teams up.

7. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals (previously 7th)

Team record: 5-3

DYAR: 8th

QBR: 8th

WPA: 7th

Thing to know: The sloppy loss to Miami is really a bummer for this team after it looked like they were a top-tier contender.

6. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons (previously 3rd)

Team record: 2-5

DYAR: 4th

QBR: 6th

WPA: 5th

Thing to know: He passed it 61 times and had less than five yards per attempt. Ouch.

5. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers (previously 6th)

Team record: 5-2

DYAR: 5th

QBR: 7th

WPA: 3rd

Thing to know: He scored on every single drive against Minnesota. He's doing fine with Randall Cobb so far.

4. Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions (previously 5th)

Team record: 5-2

DYAR: 6th

QBR: 11th

WPA: 2nd

Thing to know: He took a crazy gamble when he fake spike QB sneaked against Dallas, and it paid off.

3. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints (previously 4th)

Team record: 6-1

DYAR: 3rd

QBR: 4th

WPA: 4th

Thing to know: He probably had the most impressive performance of Week 8 with five TDs against Buffalo.

2. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers (previously 2nd)

Team record: 4-3

DYAR: 2nd

QBR: 2nd

WPA: 6th

Thing to know: He good be in for another big week against Washington's awful secondary.

1. Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos (previously 1st)

Team record: 7-1

DYAR: 1st

QBR: 1st

WPA: 1st

Thing to know: He has two sprained ankles. The bye week came at the perfect time.

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