NFL QB Power Rankings: Where all 32 starting QBs stand heading into Week 13

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Using a loose formula, we ranked all 32 NFL starting quarterbacks.

Our formula is based on two advanced statistics: Football Outsiders’ DYAR metric and ESPN’s total QBR metric. We also considered other factors, including recent performance, job security, and overall track record.

This week, standout Thanksgiving performers like Case Keenum and Kirk Cousins are up, while Alex Smith and Dak Prescott are down. Below, find out where the rest of the league stands.

32. Geno Smith, New York Giants

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Ranking after Week 10: N/A (replacing Eli Manning, No. 18)

Record as starter: N/A

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: Smith just might be the most hated man in New York by the end of this week. After spending four unimpressive years with the Jets, he will replace Eli Manning as the Giants’ starter, bringing an end one of the longest streaks of consecutive starts in NFL history. At 2-9, the team is in need of a late-season jolt, but this West Virginia product doesn’t seem likely to provide one.

31. Tom Savage, Houston Texans

Scott Taetsch/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 32

Record as starter: 1-4

DYAR rank: 29

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: Savage’s weekly strip sack is quickly becoming a Houston tradition: he suffered another one against the Ravens on Monday night, one of three turnovers he committed. With the star rookie Deshaun Watson on injured reserve, next season can’t come fast enough for this team.

30. DeShone Kizer, Cleveland Browns

Joe Robbins/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 28

Record as starter: 0-10

DYAR rank: 32

QBR rank: 31

One thing to know: With a pair of 200-yard performances in his last three games, Kizer is slowly but surely demonstrating that he could eventually quarterback the hapless Browns to a win if given enough opportunities. That still might not be enough to hold onto the starting job for next season, but at least the 21-year-old has learned enough to show marked improvement in his rookie year.

29. Mitch Trubisky, Chicago Bears

Jonathan Daniel/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 24

Record as starter: 2-5

DYAR rank: 25

QBR rank: 32

One thing to know: The Bears probably knew Trubisky was going to be a project when they took him with the second overall pick in this year’s draft, and sure enough, he’s struggling through his first seven games. It’s his lack of accuracy that’s been the real surprise – after completing 67.5% of his passes in three years at UNC, he has hit just 52.8% of his targets this fall.

28. Trevor Siemian, Denver Broncos

Ranking after Week 10: N/A (replacing Brock Osweiler, No. 30)

Record as starter: 3-4

DYAR rank: 27

QBR rank: 29

One thing to know: Siemian didn’t start a single game in the month of November, but after providing opportunities for Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch to earn the job, the Broncos ultimately decided that this Northwestern product is the best passer they have. That isn’t saying much: he struggled to hit even half of his targets on Sunday, though he did throw for a pair of touchdowns.

27. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

Todd Olszewski/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 22

Record as starter: 6-5

DYAR rank: 31

QBR rank: 28

One thing to know: Flacco has been held to under 200 passing yards in five of his last six games, an alarming statistic. While he’s completing passes at the highest rate of his career, he’s also thrown more interceptions than touchdowns, a distinction he shares with stopgap signal callers like Tom Savage and Mike Glennon. Throw in the fact that he threw for over 4,300 yards in 2016, and it’s been one bummer of a season for this veteran.

26. Jay Cutler, Miami Dolphins

Mark Brown/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 19

Record as starter: 4-5

DYAR rank: 24

QBR rank: 27

One thing to know: Cutler has spent more time in concussion protocol than on the football field over the past two weeks, and with 3 interceptions on just 12 attempts, his limited playing time yielded an ugly result. At least he gets a relatively easy matchup in Week 13: the demoralized Denver Broncos.

25. Jacoby Brissett, Indianapolis Colts

Michael Reaves/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 20

Record as starter: 3-7

DYAR rank: 28

QBR rank: 26

One thing to know: After a nice run through late October and early November, Brissett was held to just 196 yards on 17 completions against the Titans on Sunday. While it seems likely that this NC State product will have another good game or two before the season is over, his Week 13 matchup against the Jaguars won’t do him any favours, especially given the Colts’ porous offensive line.

24. Blaine Gabbert, Arizona Cardinals

Christian Petersen/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 31

Record as starter: 1-1

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: With five touchdown passes in just two games, Gabbert has done enough to steal the starting job from Drew Stanton for the rest of the season. Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians even said that he would be comfortable with Gabbert as his starting quarterback for next year, though his contract is up at the end of the season.

23. Brett Hundley, Green Bay Packers

Joe Sargent/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 26

Record as starter: 1-4

DYAR rank: 26

QBR rank: 21

One thing to know: While rumour has it that Aaron Rodgers could return to practice relatively soon, Hundley should get a few more starts this season. The UCLA product has actually shown a lot of improvement from his first few games, though the Packers have gone just 1-5 since he took over. He’s not the best stopgap in the league, but he definitely isn’t the worst either.

22. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: N/A (replacing C.J. Beathard, No. 25)

Record as starter: N/A

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: This one is a wildcard. C.J. Beathard showed some potential in five starts, but when it comes to planning for next season and beyond, Garoppolo is the far superior option. With a 67.7 completion rate and 6 touchdown passes without an interception, his career stats look awfully good, but this week will be his first chance to play an entire game in more than a year.

21. Josh McCown, New York Jets

Al Bello/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 21

Record as starter: 4-7

DYAR rank: 23

QBR rank: 20

One thing to know: The Jets have made no indication that they’re looking to try out either of their two young quarterbacks, so it looks like McCown will continue to get starts down the stretch. The 38-year-old has been as good as they could have hoped for, setting career highs in passing yards, completions, and touchdown passes with five games still remaining.

20. Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

Christian Petersen/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 17

Record as starter: 7-4

DYAR rank: 17

QBR rank: 17

One thing to know: While the statistics say Bortles is having an average season, it seems that the Jaguars have been winning in spite of their quarterback, not because of him. After a pair of subpar performances in his last two games – a combined 314 yards with a 69.1 passer rating against Cleveland and Arizona – he needs to rebound against Indianapolis this week.

19. Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jonathan Bachman/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: N/A (replacing Ryan Fitzpatrick, No. 29)

Record as starter: 2-6

DYAR rank: 14

QBR rank: 25

One thing to know: This week will mark Winston’s ninth start of the season, yet he’s led the Buccaneers to just two wins, the same number as the journeyman backup Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Florida State product was plagued by inconsistency and inaccuracy at the start of the year, but at least he gets a relatively low-pressure matchup against the Packers in his first game back from a shoulder injury.

18. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Robbins/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 23

Record as starter: 5-6

DYAR rank: 22

QBR rank: 24

One thing to know: Remember when Dalton looked like the worst quarterback in the league through the first two games of the season? That feels like a distant memory, especially now that the Texan has thrown for 7 touchdowns and a 108.8 passer rating over his last three games. That kind of performance means a late playoff run isn’t outside the realm of possibility, even with the Bengals’ tough upcoming schedule.

17. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Abbie Parr/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 14

Record as starter: 8-3

DYAR rank: 21

QBR rank: 18

One thing to know: The Panthers and Saints will provide one of the matchups of the weekend when they face off this Sunday, and for Newton, it should be a great opportunity for a little redemption. He threw three picks the last time he took on New Orleans, but has gone interception-free since Week 9.

16. Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

Michael Reaves/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 15

Record as starter: 7-3

DYAR rank: 19

QBR rank: 10

One thing to know: There weren’t many positives for Mariota during his last two games. The Oregon product threw six interceptions to just two touchdown passes, and he didn’t even add value with his normally fancy footwork, rushing for a combined nine yards. He’s sporting a 65.2 passer rating since November 16, which is the last thing the Titans need as they gear up for a fight to the finish in the AFC South.

15. Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills

Ranking after Week 10: N/A (replacing Nathan Peterman, No. 27)

Record as starter: 6-4

DYAR rank: 16

QBR rank: 16

One thing to know: While the Bills have been reluctant to commit to starter for the rest of the season, Taylor hasn’t given them any reason to doubt that he is the best quarterback on their roster. He continues to be a great facilitator of the team’s run-heavy offence, which could cause trouble for the Patriots this week.

14. Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs


Ranking after Week 10: 3

Record as starter: 6-5

DYAR rank: 9

QBR rank: 13

One thing to know: After a blistering start to the year, Smith is out of the top five on this list for the first time all season. He was starting to show signs of regression as early as mid-October, but after throwing three interceptions while leading the Chiefs to back-to-back losses in the last two weeks, his slump has gotten progressively worse. Another loss would bring their current skid to 1-6, so with their division lead slipping away, this week’s showdown with the Jets amounts to a must-win.

13. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Tom Pennington/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 6

Record as starter: 5-6

DYAR rank: 15

QBR rank: 6

One thing to know: Ever since Ezekiel Elliott began serving his six-game suspension, Prescott’s stats have been downright ugly: 167 yards per game, 5 interceptions, a 57.0 passer rating, and 0 touchdown passes. The return of the star left tackle Tyron Smith made a noticeable difference in last week’s game, but the Cowboys still failed to get anything going in the air. Prescott needs to turn things around, and fast.

12. Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders

Buda Mendes/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 10

Record as starter: 5-5

DYAR rank: 10

QBR rank: 15

One thing to know: Carr turned in one of his best performances of the season on Sunday, completing three-quarters of his passes for a 136.3 passer rating. With the Giants, Chiefs, and Cowboys on deck, December could be a productive month for the Raiders, but it all comes down to their signal caller. They’re 1-4 in games when he throws an interception, but 4-1 when he stays interception-free.

11. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Rey Del Rio/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 8

Record as starter: 6-5

DYAR rank: 11

QBR rank: 9

One thing to know: While Stafford is having a consistent season, he struggled against the Vikings on Thanksgiving, completing less than 60% of his passes for the first time since Week 6. He’s still sporting the highest passer rating of his career, but anther tough matchup against the Ravens could throw him off that pace this week.

10. Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers

Ranking after Week 10: 16

Record as starter: 5-6

DYAR rank: 4

QBR rank: 19

One thing to know: DYAR and QBR disagree on the value of this veteran, but after torching the Bills and Cowboys in back-to-back games, he’d get a nice bump on this list no matter what. Now that Eli Manning is being benched for Geno Smith, Rivers will soon be the owner of the NFL’s longest active streak of consecutive starts with 188.

9. Case Keenum, Minnesota Vikings

Gregory Shamus/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 13

Record as starter: 7-2

DYAR rank: 3

QBR rank: 2

One thing to know: With seven touchdown passes and a completion rate of 71.13 over his last three games, Keenum is solidifying his status as the Vikings’ go-to guy at quarterback, regardless of the health of his position-mates. Teddy Bridgewater may get a start or two once Minnesota clinches the NFC North, but beyond that, shaking things up wouldn’t make much sense.

8. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Ranking after Week 10: 9

Record as starter: 7-4

DYAR rank: 13

QBR rank: 8

One thing to know: Wilson’s MVP case is starting to gather steam, and it’s not difficult to see why: as the Seahawks’ top player in both passing and rushing, he might be more valuable to his team than any other player in football. But with the Eagles, Jaguars, and Rams on tap, he’ll need to bring his A-game to survive the next three weeks unscathed.

7. Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams

Sean M. Haffey/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 7

Record as starter: 8-3

DYAR rank: 5

QBR rank: 14

One thing to know: Sunday’s game was a career highlight for the 23-year-old Goff, who outplayed Drew Brees and threw for 354 yards and 2 touchdowns en route to a 26-20 win. He looks like the frontrunner for the PFWA’s Most Improved Player award, an honour with a list of past recipients that includes names like Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins.

6. Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins

Rob Carr/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 12

Record as starter: 5-6

DYAR rank: 12

QBR rank: 7

One thing to know: With just five weeks remaining in the regular season, the Redskins appear no closer to deciding whether to retain Cousins, a pending free agent playing on the franchise tag for the second consecutive year. The Michigan native recently commented on the matter, telling 106.7 The Fan, “If you still need five more games, or five-plus, to make a decision, so be it, but I’d like to think that I’ve played a lot of football here.”

5. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Michael Reaves/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 11

Record as starter: 9-2

DYAR rank: 7

QBR rank: 11

One thing to know: It’s true that Roethlisberger has taken a small step back this season, but he’s still one of the top quarterbacks in the league. At 9-2, the Steelers offence is flying as high as ever, and Big Ben ranks in the top 10 in a number of statistical categories, traditional and advanced alike. They’re also on a six-game winning streak.

4. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Sean M. Haffey/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 4

Record as starter: 8-3

DYAR rank: 2

QBR rank: 12

One thing to know: Brees has thrown just one interception in the last five weeks, but that may be because of volume more than anything else – thanks to the Saints’ revamped ground game, he’s on pace for his lowest number of pass attempts since 2009. Incidentally, that happens to be the season when the Saints won their last Super Bowl, which remains the only championship of Brees’ career.

3. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Kevin C. Cox/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 5

Record as starter: 7-4

DYAR rank: 6

QBR rank: 5

One thing to know: Ryan has found his groove over the past few weeks, posting a 110.5 passer rating while leading the Falcons to a much-needed three-game winning streak. He connected with the superstar wideout Julio Jones for 202 yards on Sunday, so this weekend’s matchup against the 9-2 Vikings should be must-see TV.

2. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles


Ranking after Week 10: 2

Record as starter: 10-1

DYAR rank: 8

QBR rank: 3

One thing to know: With 2,657 passing yards and a league-leading total of 28 touchdown passes, Wentz remains firmly entrenched in the MVP discussion. His outstanding play has earned him fans from across the world of sports, including LeBron James, who recently told ESPN that Wentz has been his favourite player to watch this season.

1. Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Adam Glanzman/Getty

Ranking after Week 10: 1

Record as starter: 9-2

DYAR rank: 1

QBR rank: 4

One thing to know: Brady now leads the NFL in both passing yards and interception rate, so it’s no surprise that he also boasts the best passer rating in the league. With the Patriots on a seven-game winning streak, they will have a chance to become the first franchise with back-to-back Super Bowl wins since…well, the Patriots, when they pulled it off in 2005.

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