NFL Warns Players To Stop Trash Talk, Again Tries To Take The colour Out Of Football

Rex Ryan

After an amusing week of verbal jousting, the NFL has again decided that it can’t possibly allow fans to be entertained by its personalities anywhere but on the field.

The “No Fun League” has warned teams — presumably the Jets, Patriots, Steelers, and Ravens — to keep their verbal attacks out of the media and on the field.

We don’t get it.  Nobody said or did anything overly profane — with the possible exception of Terrell Suggs’s shirt — nor was there much mention of extra on-field violence.

Rex Ryan saying this is “personal” between him and Bill Belichick and Wes Welker making playful use of foot references in a press conference hardly qualify as excessive trash talk.

Maybe the league has reason to crack down on Jets linebacker Bart Scott for his threats of retaliation for Welker’s comments, but otherwise we think the barbs exchanged this week were good for football.

This weekend’s games are going to get plenty of viewers anyway, but what’s wrong with drawing more attention to the playoffs during the week?

This isn’t church, it’s football, and trash talk has always been a fun part of the game.

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