9 teams are battling for the final 4 NFL playoff spots with 2 weeks to go

With just two weeks left in the NFL season, there are nine teams with a realistic shot at one of the final four NFL playoff spots as the other eight spots have either been clinched or are pretty darn close.

Using the playoff probabilities of FiveThirtyEight.com, six teams (Cowboys, Raiders, Patriots, Seahawks, Chiefs, Giants) have either clinched a playoff spot or are on the brink of doing so. Two other teams, the Chiefs and Steelers, are not far behind and close to being a lock for the playoffs with at least a 90% chance to reach the postseason.

The four spots that are still up in the air are the AFC South, where the Texans have a slight edge over the Titans to win the division, the NFC North, where the division looks like it will come down to the Week 17 matchup between the Packers and Lions, and the final Wild Card spot in each conference, with several teams still alive with at least a 17% chance. Meanwhile, five teams (Vikings, Colts, Bills, Panthers, Saints) are still mathematically alive, but don’t have a realistic shot at this point.

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