Here's The Schedule For Next Week's NFL Playoff Games

The schedule and start times for the divisional round (second round) of the NFL playoffs are out.

The Saturday games are Saints at Seahawks (4:35 p.m. eastern on Fox) and Colts at Patriots (8:15 eastern on CBS).

The Sunday Games are 49ers at Panthers (1:05 p.m. eastern on Fox) and Chargers at Broncos (4:40 p.m. eastern on CBS).

Here it is in a pretty graphic:

According to Wager Minds, the early betting lines are as follows: Seahawks -9, Patriots -7.5, 49ers -2.5, and Broncos -10.

This week there was only one game with a spread larger than three points. Next week there’s only one game with a spread smaller than three points. Vegas clearly thinks the top two teams in check conference are juggernauts.

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