13 Players Who Succeeded In The NFL After Getting Busted For Marijuana

Tyrann Mathieu’s NFL draft stock plummeted after he got kicked off of LSU’s football team for multiple positive marijuana tests.

Now, he’s reportedly dominating in training camp for the Arizona Cardinals.

He’s just the latest reminder that giving up on talented players because of weed-related issues places NFL teams at a huge competitive disadvantage.

Throughout the years some truly great players have gotten nabbed with weed, only to perform better than ever on the field.

Randy Moss became one of the best receivers of all-time after getting kicked out of Florida State for smoking marijuana while on probation

Source: SI

Percy Harvin signed a $US67 million this summer. He tested positive for marijuana at the 2009 NFL Draft Combine

Source: ESPN

Ricky Williams had four 1,000-yard seasons despite testing positive for marijuana four times in his career

Source: ESPN

Marshawn Lynch made two Pro Bowls after getting arrested for possession in 2009

Source: ESPN

Warren Sapp made the Hall of Fame after slipping in the 1995 NFL Draft because of a leaked story that he tested positive for marijuana

Source: SI

Kyle Turley made two Pro Bowls, and said he smoked marijuana during his career to deal with pain

Source: Miami New Times

Tra Thomas made three Pro Bowls after testing positive for marijuana and being suspended for one game at Florida State

Mark Stepnoski was the best center in the NFL for much of the '90s. He never tested positive or got arrested, but he later admitted to smoking weed and is now an active marijuana-legalization activist

Source: ESPN

Mushin Muhammad made a Pro Bowl and led the NFL in receiving after a 2002 arrest for possession

Source: SI

Santonio Holmes is one of the most explosive receivers in the NFL. He was cited for marijuana possession in 2008 and suspended for violating the substance abuse policy 2010

Source: NY Daily News

Johnathan Joseph signed a $US48 million deal with the Texans after an arrest for possession in 2007

Source: ESPN

David Tyree made the famous helmet catch three years after getting cited for marijuana possession

Source: ESPN

Janoris Jenkins had four interceptions as a rookie after slipping in the draft because of multiple marijuana arrests in college

Source: PFT

BONUS: Tyrann Mathieu is reportedly the best player on the field in training camp after slipping in the draft for his positive marijuana tests at LSU

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