Rift Threatens NFL Union As 70 Players Hire Their Own Lawyers To Intervene In Lockout Talks

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Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal reports that a “breakaway group” of about 70 NFL players is looking to hire their own lawyers and intervene in the NFL lockout negotiations.The players are apparently upset that negotiations ended back in March (bringing about the lockout) and they feel their wishes aren’t being adequately represented.

This is exactly what the NFL owners want. The union must remain united — especially once games start getting canceled and paychecks dry up — in order to win this fight.

The owners are counting on dissension in the ranks to end the stalemate in their favour. If players are fighting after just one month (and just before Judge Susan Nelson is preparing to rule on an injunction) that’s a terrific omen for the league.

And the irony is that this would never happen, if the NFLPA had not de-certified. Their strategy of taking it to courts could turn out to be their downfall.