Which Players Would Lose The Most From An NFL Lockout?

Mark Sanchez

Elvis Dumervil, Mario Williams, and Mark Sanchez are certainly well-paid stars, but their total contracts aren’t among the most lucrative in the league. 

However, they are among the players that have the highest base salaries in 2011. Players don’t lose signing bonuses in the event of a lockout, but they would lose their standard base pay check for 2011.

That means Dumervil would lose $14 million, the most of any other NFL players. Williams would lose $13.8 million, and Sanchez would lose $13.5 million.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady, the NFL’s highest paid player in terms of average annual salary, would “only” lose $9.75 million

Those agents that allowed teams to negotiate high base salaries for their clients next year must be feeling pretty stupid.

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