An NFL player adopted a dog that no one else wanted --  here's why

When Baltimore Ravens player Ronnie Stanley walked into the BARCS Animal Shelter, he wasn’t looking for the cutest puppy in the building. He told the front desk that he and his girlfriend were “looking for dog that’s been here a long time and may be not-so-adoptable.”

“Not-so-adoptable,” BARCS explained, can mean that a pet that is injured, old, or has ongoing medical issues. They showed him different pets that fit the category.

“It’s not a very good-looking dog per se for your happy couple or family going into a shelter looking to adopt a pet,” Stanley told the Baltomore Sun. “So I knew this pet would probably have a pretty hard time getting adopted.”

Stanley eventually set his eyes on Winter, a six-year-old dog they rescued from an abandoned property, who “has a long, hanging belly, mostly likely a result of over breeding.” The shelter said that her belly will likely never tighten up due to her age, and as a result she would be less likely to get adopted.

Stanley was understanding, telling the volunteers “Well, that’s just what happens when you’ve had babies.” He took Winter home, renamed her Lola, and got some kisses.

“It was pretty old as well, so I felt like it was a great pet for me,” Stanley told the Sun. “She’s very loyal, protective and loving.”

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