One NFL owner against pushing out Roger Goodell compared it to switching from an iPhone to Samsung

  • The Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones is leading a charge to push back against a contract extension for Roger Goodell.
  • Jones doesn’t have the support of all NFL owners.
  • ESPN reported that one owner compared the hassle of switching commissioners to going from an iPhone to a Samsung phone.

NFL owners are in the middle of a battle over Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension, a battle spearheaded by the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Jones’ charge stems from his displeasure with Goodell’s leadership, from issues like the six-game suspension for Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott over domestic violence allegations to the league’s response to player protests during the national anthem.

The New York Times reported in November that Jones threatened NFL owners with legal action if they passed a contract extension for Goodell.

However, according to ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr. and Seth Wickersham, while Jones pushes back on an extension for Goodell, the rest of the league is a mixed bag. Some owners support Goodell, according to ESPN, while others just want the extension to be completed so they can move on. One ownership source told ESPN the risk that comes with looking for a new commissioner.

“Switching commissioners is like switching from an iPhone to a Samsung,” the source told ESPN. “Do my pictures transfer? Do my contacts? Does my music? In the end, why take the risk?”

ESPN reported that owners have few viable options to replace Goodell. One owner reportedly asked NBA Commissioner Adam Silver if he would be interested, and Silver turned down the opportunity. ESPN reported some have owners have discussed having former commissioner Paul Tagliabue act as commissioner for one year while owners search for replacements.

It’s unclear where Jones’ battle goes from here, but it seems unlikely that he can fully kick out Goodell if other owners aren’t also on board.

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