The NFL has reportedly agreed to a new contract for Roger Goodell amid a tense standoff

  • The NFL’s Compensation Committee reportedly agreed to a new contract for Commissioner Roger Goodell.
  • Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported the deal had a “nearly unanimous consensus” among NFL owners.
  • The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had been leading a coalition to block an extension for Goodell out of recent displeasure with Goodell’s tenure.

The NFL’s Compensation Committee has “executed” a new contract for Commissioner Roger Goodell, according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. The extension will keep Goodell in the role through 2024.

Florio reported that the deal had “nearly unanimous consensus” among the NFL owners.

The Compensation Committee, which consists of six owners, headed by the Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, was given authorization to execute an extension for Goodell.

The extension had become a contentious matter this season as the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had reportedly tried to delay a contract extension for Goodell. Jones thought Goodell made too much money, was unhappy with how situations like player protests during the national anthem were handled, and was reportedly scorned by the league’s six-game suspension for Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott over domestic violence allegations.

According to Florio, Jones had worked up some support from other owners in his mission to “overthrow” Goodell, as one league source put it to Sports Illustrated, but the majority were still behind Goodell.

Deals of the new contract have not been reported, but ESPN reported in November that Goodell proposed an extension that included $US50 million per year and use of a private jet for life.

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