HUGE UPSET: The NFL Players Won The Lockout

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

The NFL owners are currently meeting to discuss the state of the NFL lockout. And if the owner’s next proposal is any indication, the player’s association have already scored a knockout.

Ultimately, the biggest issue is how the owners and players will divide their $9 billion pie. Speaking to the owners, Roger Goodell said the next proposal would give the players 48 per cent of all revenue.

This is a long ways from where the two sides were when the lockout started.

Back in February, the players wanted a 50-50 split of all revenue. The owners also wanted a 50-50 split but only after they skimmed $2 billion (with a B) off the top *wink wink*. The owners’ proposal translated to just 38.9 per cent for the players based on the $9 billion in revenue the NFL took in for the 2010 season.

Oh, and remember when the biggest issue of the NFL lockout was supposedly the league’s desire to move to an 18-game schedule? Yeah, that’s not happening. According to Chris Mortensen, the 18-game schedule will be “designated only as a negotiable item…and at no point is mandated in a potential agreement.” In other words, the players get to keep their 16-game schedule for now.

So the player wanted 50 per cent and will get 48 per cent, and not the 39 per cent proposed by the owners. The players wanted a 16-game schedule and will get to keep the 16-game schedule.

Game. Set. Match.

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