NFL Lockout News Roundup: January 13, 2011

kevin mawae tennessee titans nfl

The quick summary: nothing has changed and the NFL and NFLPA are as far apart as ever.  Here’s the latest news:

  • Kevin Mawae and the NFLPA appear to think that the owners are keen on reducing the amount of money that goes toward players so that they don’t have to haggle with each other over revenue sharing.
  • An NFL labour lawyer accused the NFLPA of actually wanting a lockout.  The thinking is that the NFLPA would get the upper hand once a lockout began because it would be able to exert political pressure on the NFL through the US court system.
  • The NFLPA says that any notion the players actually want a lockout is “coming from outer space.”

And here we are!  Sounds like things are progressing nicely, doesn’t it?

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