NFL Listens To Us; Will Start Suspending Players For "Devastating Hits"


After much hand-wringing over a rough, injury filled weekend, the NFL has announced they will formulate a plan to suspend players for dangerous hits, particularly those involving head shots.

They have not announced the formal policy yet, but it will take effect this weekend. What’s more, there will be no grace period. First-time offenders will face suspensions for “egregious or flagrant shots.”

The argument that took place between ESPN’s NFL crew last night was instructive. The biggest defender of the policy was Steve Young, a quarterback who took more than his fair share of shots to head during his career. On the other side was Matt Millen, a defensive player who was one of the worst GM’s in the history of the sport.

Millen is concerned that players will have to completely change the way they play. What he doesn’t get is that this is the whole point. Players do need to completely change the way they play the game in order to avoid permanent damage to an entire generation of football players.

That fact that Millen considers the idea to be “stupid” is practically confirmation that it’s the right move.

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