The Top Selling NFL Jersey In Every State

Some states have obvious allegiances to NFL teams; however, a map of the top selling jerseys in every state from Dick’s shows some teams have a lot of fans from surprising areas:

A few take-aways from the map:

The Northwest & Pacific

  • The 49ers are the high-selling team in California, despite the state also having the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers.
  • Further inland is where it gets weird. Nevada sells a lot of Indianapolis Colts jerseys while Montana sells a lot of Oakland Raiders jerseys. According to Dick’s, Andrew Luck was the top-selling jersey in Nevada; however, a wide variety of players, such as Matt Forte, Russell Wilson, and Robert Griffin III came in second place. There doesn’t appear to be any specific allegiance to the Colts in Nevada
  • And it gets even weirder off the continental-48. The St. Louis Rams sell a lot of jerseys in Alaska, and the Carolina Panthers are popular in Hawaii. According to Dick’s, the top-selling jersey in Alaska was the Rams’ James Laurinaitis, followed by the Broncos’ Von Miller. Neither are from or went to school in Alaska. In Hawaii, the top-selling jersey belonged to Luke Kuechly, who also doesn’t appear to have any obvious connections with Hawaii.

Midwest and Southwest

  • The Denver Broncos control much of the area — Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico
  • The popularity of the Washington Redskins in Nebraska and the Cleveland Browns in Oklahoma is a bit surprising. According to Dick’s, Johnny Manziel’s jersey accounted for two of every jersey sale in Oklahoma, likely powered by his famous college career at Texas A&M.
  • The Dallas Cowboys are the big sellers in Texas — sorry, Houston Texans.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs sell more jerseys in Missouri than the St. Louis Rams do.


  • This is perhaps the least-surprising region of all. The Packers, Bears, Colts, Lions, Browns, and Titans all sell the most jerseys in their respective states.


  • The New Orleans Saints are the most popular team, selling a lot of jerseys in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers top the Miami Dolphins in jersey sales in Florida.
  • The Steelers are popular in Arkansas.

Atlantic and Northeast

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