The Best NFL Moments You Missed Yesterday

bill belichick

Week 10 of the NFL season brought us even more gif-able moments.

Bill Belichick stole the show with his seriously intense challenge flag throw, and the Pats added another awesome moment with a diving Gronk catch.

We also saw some amazing one-handed grabs, a questionable fake field goal, and an angry Rex Ryan.

Bill Belichick threw his challenge flag with a purpose, and he won the challenge

Gronk's diving touchdown pass

Bucs Leonard Johnson glides into the endzone

Rex Ryan was not happy

Golden Tate's awesome touchdown celebration

Ravens pull a questionable move and fake a field goal when they were already leading 41-17

The Giants forgot to cover AJ Green

Chargers receiver Danario Alexander stays on his feet

Riley Cooper's athletic one-handed grab

You see what the players do, but what about the cheerleaders?

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