The Best NFL Moments You Missed Yesterday

gronk touchdown celebration gif

Photo: SBNation

We’re well into the NFL season now but the entertaining moments have yet to slow down.Yesterday Gronk came back to life and reminded us of the crazy dude we all know and love, giving us two of the best touchdown celebrations we’ve seen all year.

We also saw some incredible catches, backwards running, and Jay Cutler being Jay Cutler.


Gronk celebrating touchdown number two with a hip shake

Ben Roethlisberger's stray pass hitting a ref square in the head

Seahawks tight end Zach Miller makes the one-handed grab of the day

Trent Richardson gets a little help from his line to get into the endzone

Dez Bryant just barely misses the game winning catch for the giants. Literally by his fingertips

Steve Smith makes an incredible catch

Rich Incognito kisses the Jets goodbye

Jay Cutler, being Jay Cutler.

Antonio Brown's backwards touchdown that got called back

Meanwhile, the Giants swept the Tigers

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