NFL Hall Of Famer Says Richie Incognito Has A History Of Using Racial Taunts

Former NFL player Warren Sapp appeared on “
The Dan Patrick Show” and was asked about the bullying accusations against Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito.

Maybe the most damning accusation against Incognito is that he left a voicemail for Jonathan Martin in which Incognito used the N-word to describe Martin. According to Sapp, he was once called the N-word by Incognito during a game.

“One time he kicked me in a game and called me the N-word,” said Sapp when asked if he had ever faced Incognito.

Sapp, who now is an analyst for the NFL Network, went on to speculate that Incognito’s motivation was to get Sapp to throw a punch so that he would get kicked out of the game.

If true, this would appear to fit the same pattern of how the word was used against Martin. That is, Incognito may have a pattern of using the N-word as a way to intimidate and try to pull negative emotion out of somebody that is otherwise unwilling to do so.

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