The Minimalist's Guide To The NFL: The State Of The Each Team Right Now

Matthew Stafford

We just finished our third Sunday of pro football.

In less than a month, the NFL landscape has shifted dramatically.

Some teams (Colts, Rams) have fallen off the ledge. Others (Lions, Bills) has been way better than advertised.

Here’s what you need to know about where every team stands right now.

Indianapolis Colts: As done as done gets after Peyton Manning went down, they're in race for the first pick now (Super Bowl odds: 100-1, was 20-1)

Kansas City Chiefs: Painfully and inexplicably awful a year after winning the division, no chance to contend with their RB out for the year (100-1, was 50-1)

Cincinnati Bengals: Their rookie QB has been a little better than expected, but they've already lost two games to not-so-good teams (100-1, was 200-1)

St. Louis Rams: This heavily-injured team has surprisingly stunk up the joint in a severe sophomore slump (100-1, was 35-1)

Denver Broncos: The fans have turned on QB Kyle Orton, but Orton has had them within a FG in all three games (100-1, was 75-1)

Jacksonville Jaguars: After a surprising win in Week One, they've looked like the quarterback-less team we all expected (100-1, was 100-1)

Miami Dolphins: They've lost to two really good teams, and one really bad one (100-1, was 60-1)

Minnesota Vikings: Two utter collapses at home leave them in shambles (100-1, was 40-1)

Seattle Seahawks: Their joke of an offence has scored 30 points all season (100-1, was 80-1)

Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton has been a revelation, the defence has not been (80-1, was 200-1)

Arizona Cardinals: They've proved they can lose to anyone, anytime, anywhere (60-1, was 40-1)

Cleveland Browns: 2-1 record, but against three of the league's worst teams (50-1, was 60-1)

Chicago Bears: A murderer's row schedule as them at 1-2, but they should bounce back against weaker competition (40-1, was 50-1)

Oakland Raiders: Could be the fastest team in the league, and one of the most fun to watch (40-1, was 75-1)

Atlanta Falcons: Should be 0-3, and have been all out of sorts on offence (30-1, was 15-1)

Tennessee Titans: They may have lost their best WR for the season, but the defence has been strong (30-1, was 100-1)

San Francisco 49ers: Could well be 3-0 after blowing a game against Dallas, but they've also played weak competition (30-1, was 60-1)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: People thought they'd take a step back, but they've been just as good as they were last year at 2-1 (30-1, was 30-1)

Buffalo Bills: THE surprise team in the NFL behind a potent offence and a Harvard man at QB (30-1, was 150-1)

Washington Redskins: They've been surprisingly good with a solid running game and a renewed swagger (25-1, was 100-1)

New York Giants: Not as much of a disaster as we all thought going into the year (20-1, was 30-1)

Dallas Cowboys: Really inconsistent, they've dominated at times and shot themselves in the feet at others (20-1, was 15-1)

Philadelphia Eagles: A promising year is quickly becoming a disaster with a porous defence and an injured Mike Vick (16-1, was 8-1)

New York Jets: Can't run or stop the run so far this year, but are still a top contender (15-1, was 12-1)

Houston Texans: Arian Foster is injured, but their offence hasn't missed a beat (12-1, was 20-1)

Baltimore Ravens: They demolished two teams, and look really intimidating (10-1, was 15-1)

San Diego Chargers: 2-1 record, but they've played the same uninspired football we've seen from them for years (10-1, was 10-1)

New Orleans Saints: Putting up all sorts of points, and letting up nearly as many (10-1, was 12-1)

Pittsburgh Steelers: Not dominant, but steady after a Week One whipping from Baltimore (10-1, was 8-1)

Detroit Lions: They've blown a team out, they've staged double-digit comeback, and they've beaten a good team on the road (8-1, was 20-1)

New England Patriots: Historically good on offence, but really shaky on defence (9-2, was 9-2)

Green Bay Packers: Still the favourite, haven't lost since 2010 (9-2, was 5-1)

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