NFL Gives Displaced Super Bowl Fans A Third Option For Reimbursement

super bowl xlv

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One of the 400 fans who lost his Super Bowl seat at Cowboys Stadium says he has been offered a new third option as compensation for the very bad, no good Super Bowl XLV: Full reimbursement for a documented expenses, or $5,000, which is ever is greater.Powell (who like the other 399, did not get to watch the Super Bowl after temporary seats were ruled unsafe) says that he thinks that won’t be enough for some of the fans, because they want their previous expenses AND another Super Bowl ticket.

A ticket plus expenses to another Super Bowl is one of the other options. So the choice at this point is basically full reimbursement for the last Super Bowl or a free trip to a future one.

Since the NFL technically owes them nothing beyond a refund, there’s no reason to expect or demand both options.